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  1. thank you.. really helpful how to set component Colors in hyperview any command to do that..is it possible to add any text to ppt.can u help me Thank you..
  2. Thank you livil, I have a small query ..how to load input file and any results file in hyperview.and using overlay option in hyperview while loading any file.can u please assist me in this please.thank you in advance
  3. Hi all, Good afternoon, I have doubt in tcl.. how to Get Subcase and frequency values list in that subcase in hyperworks desktop instead of hyperview.some one can please assist me in this Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all, Can any one assist me how to add text box text in ppt using twapi. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi all, I have a doubt in tcl .how to create Bounding box for some elements(not by component) of one solid component.similarly creating Bounding box for different shapes what are the required things for creating bounding box.please assist me in this. Thank you
  6. Could you please assist me in this ..process to find closestnodes in defined direction please ..
  7. Sorry for the miscommunication.. I am asking about *createmark "on plane" ..can we search elements in particular component while searching for elements using createmark "on plane" . One more question.. Can we define direction while searching closestnodes using hm_getclosestnode. Say i want to get closest nodes which are in "X" direction.ignore if any node is close to "z-dir" then "x-dir". Thank you pandurang for ur help
  8. Hi thank you for your response.. Can we get elements for selected components only..not all elements in the model.can you assist me
  9. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to define plane using *createmark "on plane" option using 3 nodes.and is it possible to get element in the defined plane in all selected elements. Thank you in advance
  10. Hi tinh, Thank you very much ..i got with this. I have a question ..reference I have is node number .with this node ..how to get a node in x direction on other side of component elements Other end distance may varies in x direction.i want to get a perpenduclar opposite node to the selected node on the component outer surface elements. Thank you.
  11. Hi tinh, thank you for ur suggestion. While doing this it is considering 2nd order nodes also..but I want to ignore 2nd order node.(in tetra mesh) And while appending it considering selected node also as nearest node. thank you
  12. Hi tinh, My requirement is I want to get 5 first order nodes of tetra elements for example (number will varies)nearest to the selected node. But using hm_getclosestnode I am getting one node only.. is there any way to do this. Please assist me to get solution. Thnks
  13. Hi livil, Thank you for quick response. My requirement is I want to get 10 first order nodes only for example (number will varies)near to the selected node. I am getting one node by busing this . Can I get some idea on it. Thank you
  14. Hi ,gd evening, How to get nearest nodes to user selected node.any command available. Thank you in advace
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