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  1. Hello Bea, You can refer the products under Hyper Works Student Edition - https://altairuniversity.com/hyperworks-2017-student-edition-products/ Radioss is part of Student Edition & there is no separate executable for the same. You can refer : Preferences > User Profile > select "Radioss"
  2. Rossay, You can by-pass Element quality check, but even in that case it should have reasonable mesh quality - Analysis > Control Cards > PARAM > CHECK > ELEM For further error, you can share your model file to me by through drop-box , will look into that to solve your issue.
  3. Rossay, Seems to be like, this is connectivity issue. You can share your model file with us through our drop-box. we will look into it & suggest you the respective changes.
  4. Hi, You don't have unit selection in HyperMesh. It works with Consistency of unit systems. If you want to change the unit systems ( of the geometry ) , then you can use File > Import > geometry ( refer Import Option ) The Scaling Factor represents, the unit conversion for geometry by scaling it ( either multiplying or dividing ) & rest of the parameters are specified in Material, properties & Boundary Conditions to define the Unit System. Check the value "Scaling Factor", if it is 1 , then it represents "no scaling is done & geometry will have the same unit system as CAD" . Other value will represent respective scaling. In your case, you want N, mm, Sec, Tonns, MPa etc system, you can scale the geometry to get converted to mm, create isotropic material ( with E in Mpa , rho in tonns/mm3 & U ) & BC's ( Load in N, Pressure in MPa ). your answer will be in respective units ( Stress-Mpa, Disp-mm, pressure-Mpa, energy-mJ ) If you still have face any problem, then can share your geometry through my drop-box & contact me on +91 9762962194 for the same.
  5. Hello All, I have applied for Altair Hyper Works & waiting for its approval.Kindly guide over the approval process.
  6. Dear Team, The license application process for Hyper Works Student Edition have changed. Kindly share the updated process for our reference.
  7. Prakash, You are facing "Vector Orientation Error" in your case. Refer : 1D > Bar > update > Select the Elements ( Which left even after Mesh ) & change the orientation Vector to perpendicular axis > update the all the parameters. It will update the elements. Ex - In your case, elements along Z-axis are facing Vector Orientation Error. You can refer above panel. Select remaining elements. Orientation Vector to "X-axis / Y-axis" & update all parameters. It will visualize all the elements. You can try all above mentioned steps & if the same problem persist, then kindly share your model file through secure Drop-box
  8. Sourabh, Kindly share Operating System & graphics card details.
  9. Hello Dani, can you share your model file with me through provided drop-box link - Click here
  10. Rossay, Seems to be like you are looking for Topology Optimization of Sheet Metal parts/ Surfaces. In that case, you can refer below provided video link for the same - You can download the respective model files from - here
  11. Harsh, can you precisely tell, what are you planning.?
  12. Harsh, you can apply the pressure on - 1. Faces - In this option, it will select all the elements on the face 2. Elements - In this case, you can select the elements " by manual selection or by creating sets " Pressure is always applied at the center of elements, which will have same magnitude on each element ( same as entered value ) In order to distribute them, 1. For UDL - you can divide the magnitude by no of elements & by applying same magnitude on of them 2. For UVL - you can refer Interpolation option under "Magnitude" for more information about uniformly varying load, refer below provided link -
  13. Rollacage geometry is 1D ( line data ) or 2D ( Surface data ) ?
  14. In case you don't have HyperWorks Student Edition Package Installed on your system, you can follow below provided link to apply for the same -
  15. Praniket


    Hello, we are using "Linear Interpolation Option" in which you are specifying the loads of with two different magnitude & expecting the linear interpolation between those two magnitudes. PATH - Analysis > Force > Magnitude > Linear Interpolation ( In which we have to select the nodes in between two loads & select those two loads , it will automatically interpolate the same. Kindly refer attached sample deck for the same - 123.fem Meanwhile if you want to input Equation, kindly let me know. I can share the deck & methodology for the same.
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