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  1. Hello kopal you can try below vehicle library for formula student event
  2. hello Shubham there are three different .tpl files like front half, rear half, full vehicle so please check for front half simulation you are using front half .tpl file
  3. hello Shubham If you are using student vehicle library, there are hypergraph template available, you can attach your result file (.plt file) and you can get desired output as result To learn how to attach Hyperview template please watch below video at 38:00 minutes rear suspension for half car is available in student vehicle library, and you can also use wizard modeling for your half car simulation.
  4. hello ravi , In MotionView rotational velocity of joints are measured in rad/sec. so verify your answer and please share your file to below email address so that i can check and explain deep.patel@altair.com, edu-support@india.altair.com
  5. Hello Monu Create Motion (Velocity) and Apply that Motion on Joint and go to properties and Give Linear Value of RPM or Give Expression as per your Run Time MotionVIew's default Unit is N, mm, kg, Second so convert RPM Accordingly.
  6. Hello Anudeep, There are various Tire model available in MotionView Go to Project Browser Right click on your Model and select add auto entity and another dialog box will open and select your tires and in that tire panels you can edit tire parameters.
  7. Hello Abhishek when you are doing contact simulation in MotionView you should have properly meshed model so Use Hypermesh to mesh it properly then go to tools>Edges> Check for free edges and T connection If you found Free edges or T connection you have to remove it. Your geometry should be completely closed
  8. hello Sanjet, If you have already installed HyperWorks then go to client selector and change it to MotionView (Here MotionView is Pre-Processor and MotionSolve is Solver) if you are using full version you can find it in your Start Menu
  9. For Understanding Degree of freedom and Gruebler's Equation in Multi body Dynamics Watch this video
  10. Hello Sauravkh, To check Redundancy or Over constraint in your model you have to check degree of freedom of joints and apply Gruebler’s Equation and by replacing different joint with same behavior you can remove redundancy from your model without changing model behavior
  11. You need Small element size where component is small and there is no need to mesh big component with small element for motinView You Have only 100000 nodes so you have to distribute it properly in component See Below Picture and Try to Understand
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