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  1. Hello guys, I am working on an Formula Student chassis. After my composites optimization, I have now a fully optimized thickness in my chassis. But now, I want to export my 2D meshing in CAD file. I saw previously the module "Shell to Solid Conversion", and tried to create a solid and an assigned PSOLID property. What should I do now ? Because when I tried to export my solid, an error occurs : "No supported entities present for Export". I also tried with OSSmooth, but I have no .sh file associated with my solid model... Thanks for helping ! Best Regards,
  2. Hi Optistruct users, I am currently working on a Formula Student Composites Chassis. My chief designer asks me to extract the CAD file from my composites optimization, in order to have right thicknesses everywhere in the chassis, and starting to place other elements around the chassis according to the FSAE rules. But I know that i'm working in 2D, and the only way to see my final laminate is to click on Element Representation. So basically, I am asking for advice on how to export my simulation into 3D CAD. Thanks for helping, Nicolas RICHTER
  3. Hi, I am currently working on a composites optimization for the Formula Student Competition. Thanks to great tutorials for creating my model, I am now using the FSTOSZ output for my first optimization. When I open my new .fem file (which was created after my fstosz), I have 92 plies in total, and the most of it is under 0.05mm thick.... As far as I know, I have to reshape every plies, but what about thicknesses ? I tried to enter a TMANUF value (0.4mm for each carbon fiber ply), but I still observe that my plies are <0.05mm thick. For information, my laminate is the following : - 4 plies of 0.4mm carbon fiber (90,-45,45,0 orientation) - 1 ply of 20mm aramid honeycomb - 4 plies of 0.4mm carbon fiber (90,-45,45,0 orientation) --> Symmetric What am I supposed to do to complete the process of composites optimization ? Thanks for enlightening me. Best Regards, Nicolas RICHTER
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