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  1. Hello, Optistruct stores all iterations of optimization as standard. It is possible to determine what is stored? For example, if i would like to save only the initial, first and last iteration of the topology iteration. Thank you
  2. Hi Prakash, i still have that problem with that model. Have you any solution for that? Thank you! wan
  3. Hi Prakash, thanks for your reply. You already have the latest version of my Model. Nothing changed. I tried many variations but i get always the same bad result. Can you estimate how long it will take to check this model with one of your experts? Thank you wan
  4. I have the latest version. Hyperworks V14
  5. Hi Prakash, have you already found out something? Thanks a lot
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. I have implement it but sadly with no success. The result is similar. I think the problem has a different reason. I think it has something to do with the Minimum member size (mindim). Until now i have done every optimization with mindim 15. Now i tried it without mindim and it works! The displacement curve looks good. . But now i would like to know why the mindim do not work? The average element size is 4mm. I tried mindim 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 25 mm. Always i see those huge peaks in the displacement curve. Can you help me again... Thank you
  7. Thank you for your reply. Yes ist like a See-Saw, but the negative displacement is very low in relation to the positive disp. Anyway I have implement your proposal. The displacement constraint is now -2mm ... +2mm But the result is the same: OPTIMIZATION HAS CONVERGED but INFEASIBLE DESIGN (AT LEAST ONE CONSTRAINT VIOLATED) The optimization takes 845 iterations! Could you take a look at my model please? I attached the .fem and the .out in a zip file (please dont be confused, i named the constraint dispx, but it means y direction.. only the Name is wrong.) arm-neg-disp.zip
  8. This is the result in Hyperview. As you can see the force is positive. But why is the displacement during the optimization in negative direction? If i run only the Analysis i get positive displacment. Whats wrong? Thank you
  9. Hi, thank you for the answer. I tried what you suggested. Unfortunately, it do not work. It converged, but the displacement is to high.. lower bound was: 1,5 upper bound was: 2 Could you please take a look at my model? Thank you very much
  10. Rahul, thanks for the answer. I have increased the no of iterations to 150. Now it converged, but the result is still very bad. The displacement is -1.5e4 in the convergence graph. I dont know whats wrong... Could you please check my model? I attached it in my first post. Thanks for your help, wan
  11. Hi, i have done a simple Topo. Unfortunately, the result is poor. no convergence. -objective function: minimize mass -constraints: static displacement x < 0,5 static displacement y < 1 -mindim: 15 important to me is to achieve the displacement constraints as closely as possible. But look at the screenshots, something is wrong. But where is the error? Thanks for your help, wan arm.fem arm.out
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