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  1. thank you guys now everything works fine
  2. it is strange but now it´s working. But i have another problem, where can i select the loadcases and where can i hide or show components? Normaly it´s in the left toolbar but there is nothing
  3. Hi i've downloaded the student version of hyperworks so hypermesh is running fine but I cannot not see the results in hyperview. Can somebody tell me why , because in the description of the student version is nothing written. Or can someone tell me an open source viewer.
  4. Hi, is it possible to give a solid a defined eigenfrequenzy. The Problem is i had to do a modal Analysis of a satellite structure and the first eigenmode had to be above 40Hz, but my tank had a eigenmode at 30Hz. But i know that the frequqnzy of the real tank is 45Hz. So can i give the solid a eigenfrequency with 45Hz? Thanks for your help
  5. ok now everything is fine, it runs with the global request output file. But i have two more questions. - What´s the difference betweeen Composite Failure and Composite Failure Index - And the difference between Failure INdex and plies with Maximum FI Thanks for your help
  6. thanks for your offer but now i solved the Problem. i had to write cstress and cstrain in my loadcases. for better understanding see the Picture below the first is the old the second the new. I highlighted the lines i changed.
  7. thanks for the informations, now i edit my .fem file like shown in the picture, so it works and i have failure Output for each ply. But the Problem is have no stress Output for the plies only for the Composite. But i need the stresses for each ply, because i want to calculate my failure by hand. I hope the pictures show what i mean.
  8. Thanks for answering i found CSTRESS; CSTRAIN but no CFAILURE I use PCOMP. What does the (G) means? If relevant I am using Hypermesh 13
  9. Hi, i built a model with Laminates, so how can i see my stresses in the plies. I want to know my stress in the facesheets and the honeycomb plie. Thanks for answering, hubéry10
  10. Hi guys, can someone say me what are the properties of the different connectors. Or give me a link where they are discribed, sadly i found nothing in the Help or web.
  11. I selected SOUT in PCOMP and have Input ST, SC, SS(MAT1) ; Xt, Xc, Yt, Yc, S(Mat8) but CFailure is not presented. So whats my mistake?
  12. ok thanks and where can i find the failure indices?
  13. Hi, i built my model in hypermesch with shell elements, this elements have a PCOMP property with three layers. So how can I simulate wheter the Shell elements are safe or fail? I found a Website http://altairatc.com/europe/EHTC2011-Abstracts/EHTC-Presentations-2011/Session_12/AgustaWestland_presentation.pdf and there they talk about a Skript called HM_PE.tcl. So where can i find this Skript or is there any other Analysis i can make? Kind regards
  14. Hi guys, i want to contact the red Shell component with the Grey solid. I´ve don this with the tool autocontact. The Problem is i want to delete parts of the green contact surfs, can someone tell me how. In the Pictures attached i marked the surfs i want to delete with a blue dot. Thanks for answering.
  15. should i leave the other entries blank in mat8, or schould i put in dummy values like 1 for E2, G2Z...
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