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  1. Dear Rahul, Thanks for the prompt feedback but the problem is every time after put in the response, hyperstudy automatically wipe it off. What I do is under DOE "approach", then "Specification", then "Modify Run Matrix" and put in the response value. After I click apply and then ok, the responses become "empty" when I checked it.
  2. Hi experts, I am having a problem with hyperstudy where the responses were wrong and not editable. I tried to do like tutorial (HS-2200). The errors are: 414 Error : Design matrix should have at least one active row ( 0 ) Unable to generate design for ( Fit 1 (fit_1) ) 415 Error : Error generating design - ( Fit 1 (fit_1) ) - ( Moving Least Squares ) I attached my work file. When I tried to edit the run matrix, it was not working. Please give me some idea. Thanks. nom_1_runsummary.data nom_1.sqlite fit_1_inputmatrix.dat fit_1.sqlite doe_5_runsummary.data doe_5.sqlite doe_2.sqlite response.csv morrow.hstx Study_1.xml Study_5.xml study_lock.xml
  3. Hi users, I have a question in Hypermesh where I cannot move the component. Previously, Hypermesh was working fine but out of nowhere, Hypermesh stop working and I cannot move the component. Other program such as hyperview is just working fine. Did anyone face this issue before?
  4. Hello, I would like to know whether is it possible that ADAMS CAR model can be used in MotionView.
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