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  1. Hi, I did scaling as rahul sir said then i changed all the properties to m .May then 5 inches of element reduced to equivalent metres
  2. first i have worked with model with inches.meshing is done at that point.then i scaled the model to m . will the element now be in inches???
  3. sir we specify element size while doing 2D mesh . what does that element size represent(for e.g element size=5) what does 5 represent are there any units for that
  4. what if i take from h3d format??
  5. Hi, I have given the input in z-direction only but i haven't restricted any nodes other than input giving nodes,spring elements connection between two objects have stiffness only in z-direction. Is the ouput acceleration at nodes is the combined value for all directions or is it for z-direction??
  6. yes.in the top it should show as job completed.so is it not a problem??
  7. hello, sometimes after the analysis it is not showing as job completed but # symbol occurs there. what does it mean.is there any missing or alteration of results will be there due to that. bone seated gypsy.out
  8. i meant surface as elements what we see. there will be elements inside also if it is tetramesh?? can u clarify me on this
  9. thankyou. sir we can see the stresses only on elements on the surface.what about other elements .if we select select some elements through window can we find thee element having maximum stress in that region
  10. Sir generally RMS means squaring each value adding them up and square root of that value.is it not same here?? Can u pls tell about RMS cumulated also.
  11. hellloo, during random vibration analysis should we look at psd elemental stress or rms stress ??
  12. sir what is the difference between conm2 and cmass elements
  13. apart from that is there any option sir??
  14. hello, I'm working on human body. i have a bone only model. is there any option in hypermesh optistruct to model the muscle just to give mass and properties.i don't need exact shape of the muscle.just a few layers of elements attaching to the bone.
  15. sir, but it is showing that unable to locate the .h3d file after analysis.i'm attaching the input i requested.
  16. Hello, While doing Random response analysis when I ask for elemental stress through global output request -stress it is not producing any stress in .H3d form .how I can I get elemental stress??
  17. hello, in tabrnd1 card there should be FLAT option for extrapolating values but when i'm selecting tabrnd1 card i couldn't see the option .I need to set it to 1.how can i do that
  18. hello sir, during eigen value analysis while building plots the very first plot is giving magnitude but if we request again it is giving phase and magnitude. what does that phase actually mean?? how can we get only magnitude plots?? how can i delete a whole plot ??
  19. hii sir, Is there any solution for that?? or the reason for that?
  20. hi, there are no imaginary values and negative values of frequency stresses are also very less
  21. hi, when i obtain acceleration psd in opti some of the values are negative. what should i do to avoid that??when i ask in h3d form it has a option magnitude can i obtain only magnitude in opti form???what is the reason for negative values in psd
  22. hi, during random vibration analysis when i give psd as input and opted for acceleration as output. what are units of acceleration obtained??
  23. when i give psd as input will the output also be psd only??
  24. Hi sir, it is the output of acceleration when i gave psd as input. ouput of psd can't be negative . if we give acceleration as output will it give in terms of g or g/Hz?
  25. this is acceleration output file .and the model id human body which contains about 3 lakh elements projjec_1093.disp
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