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  1. jahnavi liked a post in a topic by Q.Nguyen-Dai in units consistency   
    All you need to know are found within this PDF:
  2. jahnavi liked a post in a topic by Rahul R in RBE2 AND JOINTS   
    The RBE2 element defines a rigid body with independent degrees-of-freedom that are specified at a single grid point and with dependent degrees-of-freedom that are specified at an arbitrary number of grid points.  The first grid listed on the RBE2 is the independent grid point and all 6 degrees of freedom are used.  The CM field is used to specify the components of the following dependent grids.
    For RBE2 the constraint DOF’s will be transferred from independent node(Master) to dependent node/s (Slave).
  3. jahnavi liked a post in a topic by tinh in celas elements   
    regarding to OS reference guide:
    - Dof (C1, C2) : dof in disp coordinate system (CD field of GRID)
    normally CD=0 so dof3 means stiffness follows z-direction of basic coord system
    to set celas follows an optional direction, create a system and assign it as "disp system" of nodes of celas
  4. jahnavi liked a post in a topic by gopal_rathore in connectivity   
    I generally go for first identifying the elements having this connectivity issue.Then check for problems there like quad and tria elements getting overlapped, one of the nodes for a quad or tria is not connected etc. I go for manual correction for such elements.
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