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  1. Hello together, Currently i use the Airbag Folder to generate my Mesh. But i also want to create communication surfaces between the individual foldings. Is there any possibility to generate these communication surfaces automatically? The next question is about generating the surfaces in the correct component. When i mesh my airbag with the Airbag Folder and the setting "create n-parts" i get the results showed in the image. Is there any possibility to create for every bounding surface only one part? Thank you.
  2. Hi Prakash, here is the entire .out file. Thank you. Versuch_M10x60.out
  3. Hello, Every Time i start an Geom non-linear analysis with more than ten subcases i get the Error 4023 and it aborts. Thank you!
  4. Hi Prakash, thank you for your answer. In the last Days I tried a lot of different models. I only can use the preceding displacements, if i use NLGEOM instead of NLSTAT as Type for the Non-Linear Quasi-Static subcase. But how can i set different SPC's in combination with/without Nload? For Example i want to Push down the blue part in the first sbcase with a force. In the second subcase i want to freeze the vertical displacements of the first subcase and translate the blue part along the part beneath. Thanks!
  5. Hello, 1. I try to simulate a high detailed model of a screw with OptiStruct. Currently the screw will be pretensioned with the pretension function and in the next LoadStep it will be rotated. Now in the following LoadSteps i want to add enforced displacements on the Contact Surface of the screw head. My main problem is the sequence with the enforced displacements. How can every single Loadstep use the results of the previous Loadstep (Stress, Displacement, Contact...)? For the pretension Loadstep i use the function STATSUB(PRETENS), but i dont know if the displacements will be freezed for the next Loadstep and i use CNTNLSUB to consider the contact. 2. The next poblem is, how can i enable/disable contacts between severally LoadSteps without using MODCHG (Older Version of OptiStruct than 14.210)? Thanks!
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