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  1. Hi Prakash, Actually I am doing a crash simulation when a car hits a highway guardrail, the rods of which are buried in the ground up to a certain height. Hence I needed the contact type between rod material and ground (here sand). I have the density & poisson's ratio. Actually now I realized I have by mistake put my query in Optistruct query stream, I am doing it in Radioss, sorry for that. Thank you Surya
  2. Hello there, Please guide me with what CARD should I use if I want to give properties to sand. Is MAT1 correct option to go with? thank you Surya
  3. thank you so much, The simulation was successful
  4. Also Prakash one more thing, I have students version of Hyperworks which doesnt allow separate Radioss application I guess. Is there a way to assign more threads to simulation. I used to do it in the radioss application window earlier when I had the full version. Surya
  5. Hello Prakash, I ran the analysis in hyperview, but the car(component - part 1) seems to go through the guardrail (component - rail). It seems there is nothing happening between the contacts. What have I done wrong please guide me. Thanx Surya
  6. Hi there, The simulation ran successfully, but there is no . h3d file generated. Where to get it from. Also is there other way by which we can access results, there are following files which were generated. crash ag_0000.out crash_ag_0000.rad crash_ag_0000_0001.rst crash ag_0001.ctl crash ag_0001.out crash ag_0001.rad crash_ag_0001_0001.rst crash agT01
  7. Hi Prakash, I made the changes and the simulation is running now. If anything shows up, I will let you know
  8. Thank you Prakash, Please find the .out file attached below. Thanks in advance. Surya crash1_0000.out crash1_0001.out
  9. Hi there, My simulation shows " Error in TH No restart file" How do I add this?
  10. hi, I am not able to find the len (MB) option. Is it in radioss solvere run manager or has to be set in the hyperworks interface before starting the simulation?
  11. Hi there, I want to get the strain analysis in hyperview for Radioss. Please guide me. What cards do I need to add in my .hm file and what is to be added in output block. I want to get principle strains, von mises strains and compressive and tensile strains in my model Sincerely Surya
  12. hi there, I am simulating a crash test on human skull using Radioss solver and it was successful. My skull mesh has some faulty areas in it, due to which stress concentration always is confined to that area, which is away from point of impact. Is there a method by which I can hide the faulty area and view results pertaining to the rest of the model? I just want to see result in the right area of the skull. I am attaching the file below, please help . 45_3.hm
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