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  1. Recently I meshed a model, almost Rectangular block with size 850 X 200 X 200 with an element size of 10 and carried of analysis. After extracting stress values I again meshed the model with element size of 8. I observed that by changing the element size values(decreasing) my stress results were changing drastically and kept increasing. I was not able to conclude to a point and unable to decide the correctness of my analysis. How shall I decide element size?
  2. I am using hexahedral solid 186 element. I have different element size at different location in my assembly. Then how do I play perform quality check?
  3. here I have to click on each and every element in order to check it's quality. What if I have more than 1000 3D elements in my model?
  4. How can we do quality check for large number of 3D elements? The quality check tool is under 2D panel and is for 2D elements. But for assembly with large number of 3D elements what is to be done?
  5. Can we make any component containing only nodes of the selected elements? In hypermesh the components contain elements only..
  6. Sorry..I cannot share the file because it is very confidential..
  7. Yes i am working under ansys solver..But the question remains same. Difference between RBEs and CE_STRUCT? Can I use RBE3 instead of CE_STRUCT ?
  8. In analysis panel under equations you get CE_STRUCT under load types option. Now I have contacts between several components under my assembly. My job is rested on a fixture.I will be importing my meshed model into Ansys APDL. For defining contacts I am confused between rbes & cestruct.
  9. What is difference between RBEs and CE_STRUCT in Hypermesh. Can I use RBE3 instead of CE_STRUCT ?
  10. I have a cylindrical job about z axis and it has around 1000 bolt connections. After giving bolt connections from connector panel, when I import it in ansys APDL,it showas an orientatron error. I have given the direction node as z axis for all nodes, though I have not understood it's significance. Please help me out. Also i have given CE_STRUCT in hypermesh, but when I import it in Ansys APDL, the constrain equations are not properly recognized
  11. I tried giving Z direction but my errors were same. I am not getting the concept of "colinearity errors" that comes due to orientation node.
  12. I got same error..If you can explain something on orientation node, then I may get some direction
  13. ok! but I am not able to decide the orientation vector.My model is cylindrical about z axis, some bolts are along radius,some are along z-axis while some are in xy plane. So how do I define the vector? I am not able to understand its significance
  14. Hi Prakash, I have more than 1000 bolt connections in my model & I have used bolt connection panel to give bolted connections. Now when I import it in Ansys, it shows orientation error-"Orientation node of element is colinear with first two node" I am unable to resolve this. How orientation node of bar element is set?
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