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  1. Is it possible to extract the data of movement of grids while free shape optimization with each iteration? I need graphical represenation of movement of Nodes or grid point after Free shape optimization. i.e. From Iteration 0 to end of optimization iteration? Thank you, Best Regards, Jay Nayak
  2. Thank you for your suggestion of the related tutorial, but I have to take constraint in my simulation. In the tutorial they have taken without any constraint for Freeshape. Secondary I got warning regarding crack found in the element, but I guess there is not crack in the geometry. I did also REMESH = 1 and activated. still got error of Mesh distortion and penta mesh element distortion. Error: CPENTA Element is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian) and what is "htdrv module", It shows error occurs in that module. Please give me some suggestions. Thank you, Best Regards, Jay
  3. I have given Mass as a constraint in both the case: Free shape and Shape opti. But for Shape Optimization everythings goes fine. But what kind of constraint I should take for Free shape? Should I limit at perticular nodes about their stress limit? I got the result as you can see in figure, in node vise. despite I have also given design variables. Thank you
  4. Thank you Prakash, I have used shape optimization in my model and I have found drastic reduction in stress by applying Design variables as a shape optimization. But in Free shape optimization I have to select nodes, at that time I can't see that amount of change in stress!! In free shape also I have given the same constraint which I have applied in Shape Optimization: that is Mass of my model. Please give me some Idea or if you have any example then share me. Thank you, Best regards, Jay Nayak
  5. Hello friends, Right now I am doing free shape optimization, in which I have selected some particular nodes where I have higher stresses, but still got error Shows CPENTA element is distorted, you can see the Image related to error. Please give me solution. Moreover, Is it possible to solve free-shape as well as shape Optimization together? Thank you, Best Regards, Jay
  6. I am sorry, I can't share .fem file or any other file. I can only show some pict. if you want. Apart from this I want to ask you one Question. As in figure I have defined 24 shapes, and I did horizontally, vertically, transfer shape. but only in one side in each Shape. the design variable as you can see in the Pict. Is it displacement in particular direction or what? How these design variables decide for the right combination?
  7. Hello Prakash, I got various .grid Files, but one more thing is that, without selecting grid all as my output in Control card, I got 19 Iteration. but when I want each grids, so I have selected Grid all, as you have suggested me, then I got only 9 Iteration, and my model has been converged. so I got only 1 to 9 grids. Can you tell me what is reason behind that? Thank you, Best Regards, Jay
  8. Hello Prakash, I am seeing that in my working Directory more than one .Grid file generating in accorance to Iteration. Can you tell me now how can I Import individual .grid file with OSSMOOTH or any other function. I have tried with OSSMOOTH, with .fem, .sh and .001.grid file which is first Iteration Grid. But it gave nothing.
  9. But with the help of Control Cards>>OUTPUT>>GRID>>ALL, do I get everytime means with every Iteration new Grids of that shape, which I want to optimized? Because from Tools>solver/ & then OSSMOOTH, I got optimized Geometry, but this Optimized shape is my last iteration's Shape. Do I get new shape after every Iteration?
  10. Secondary as you know that DVMREL2 in which I can fill some of Inputs from DESVAR and some from Design Equation, and want to use type: MAT4 and fill new Heat Transfer coefficient.. I hope now you can understand my Problem, why I want to those things at the same time. Thank you,
  11. As you can see r_mass in Response Table, I Need also new volume or area of my geometry.
  12. Because both has ist own Purpose, I have taken mass of constraint of Overall geometry, not only of Optimized Geometry. Secondary I want to know the surface area of my elements which I have Changed or Optimized. Because those area affects the heat Transfer coeffcient only. Once I know the new area I can calculate Heat Transfer Coefficient. Yesterday I was trying to Import all new optimized geometry from .oss file, but I don't get optimized shapes. My aim is just simple to know the area of optimized shape....
  13. Hello Friends, In my Optimization Inputs before I gave mass as constriant and I got new mass everytime in Responses Table. But now I Need volume also, for that I took one more volume Response and Volume constraint with lower bound Zero, so I can see what happen in upper bound. But it Shows nothing in Response Table. Please help... Thank you, Regards, Jay
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