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  1. Thank you. conversion done on 17.2 version
  2. Damper spring in LS dyan material card image used as SDMAT2 & DC=0.03 For EPS foam MATL83 in Ls dyan In radioss which material card image use?
  3. Dear George, Thank you for quick response. Presently i am using the Hypercrash 17 version but it showing same issue. In 17.2 New version issue can resolved.
  4. Hii can any one guide me for converting of ls dyna to Hypermesh file. I have converted file using the tool-> converts-->Ls dyana--> RADIOSS. some of the cards is not supported for conversion. how to resolve the issue ?
  5. Hi, Any one know which material card image used for Expanded Polystyrene. Regards, nitin
  6. Thank you for the reply. I want to consider only the packing material (EPS) & Outdoor structure. For the other part how to do, you mentioned the point masses use. can you share the exact book page no or any tutorial available Thanks & Regards, Nitin
  7. Hi, I am trying for the AC outdoor unit drop test simulation. I have the whole AC unit cad model including the EPS packing. For the meshing should I mesh whole model including the base panel, tubing & condenser. is any method to reduce the no of meshing geometry, so I can able to reduce simulation. Can anybody help me to solve the problem Thanks & Regards, Nitin
  8. anyone know the where I get the stress strain properties for GPPS (general Polystyrene)
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