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  1. Hi Prakash, @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for the prompt response and .fem file. I have gone through the file you send me. 1. While opening the .fem file it shows message (Please see attached image). Is it a problem? 2. Why Forced displacement (SPCD) is necessary in this case? 3. How do I define contacts between Shaft OD and ID of bush and Shaft collar side face to housing side face? should it be a Contact type “SLIDE” and MORIENT as Blank? 4. Also for Fatigue Analysis I have gone through tutorial of “Fatigue Process Manager (FPM) using SN (Stress Life) Method. In Loading Sequence tab what is a. Loading Magnitude b. Scale c. Offset
  2. Hi Everyone, I am working on project to carry out contact stress and later to do fatigue analysis. I am using Optistruct for this analysis. Image_01 shows how parts are assembled to each other. Image_02 & 03 shows that area of contacts I am interested in. I have attached .hm file for review. Can someone please guide me for how to define contacts between, 1. Inner diameter of housing to Outer diameter of Bush (Press fitted Bush) 2. Inner Diameter of Bush to Shaft diameter. (Shaft rotates on Bush ID) 3. Face of Shaft collar to Face of the Housing. Model is constrained at the Bolt location and Load of 200 Nm is applied at the center of Shaft. Aim is to Study the contact stress at Press fit area, Bush ID and Side face of collar of the Shaft. For Fatigue analysis, I would like to check if 200 Nm Load is applied at interval of every 2 sec, what would be the life of the Bush? Regards, Jagdish Shaft_bushing.hm
  3. Thanks Prakash, Appreciate your help and knowledge sharing !
  4. Hello Prakash, Thanks for reply ! I agree with you that meshing for this assembly can be done in single file. And that's what I want to understand when & how to make decision to carry out meshing in single part and assemble or carry out meshing in single .hm file for whole assembly. If carrying out meshing in single .hm file is the option, than how to handle meshing of large assembly ? Also can you help me to understand about what how to match face elements of adjacent faces. In my case it is very simple, one can even calculate and arrange elements. But in case of complex irregular geometries it becomes difficult. Is the Mesh Imprint solution for it? Regards, Jagdish
  5. Hello All, I am very new user and recently started learning about Hypermesh 12.0 I am looking for help/support on meshing of assembly (Hex Element). For a reference I have attached image of assembly and step file. Questions 1. How do I mesh components? Shall I create .hm file for each individual part and assemble them? 2. As of now I am not worried about providing contacts/Boundry conditions/Load cases. I am just looking for mesh of assembly. But at a same time I am looking for elements to match at adjacent faces. For example Face elements of shaft and bushing, face elements of bushing and housing and Face elements of housing and bottom plate should match so that later it becomes easy to provide contacts. 3. How to manage large assembly in hypermesh? 4. It would be great help If someone can upload video of assembly management or how to deal with assembly in hypermesh Appreciate your help in advance ! shaft_assembly_asm.stp
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