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  1. now the direction are correct. What modifications do you make? Moreover I changed the direction of the IMPDISP along the X direction (by changhing the "y_scale" from 1 to -1) and during the simulation contacts are deactivated. why does this happen? Regards, Luke31
  2. it didn't work. I gave a displacement in the radial direction and my geometry moves in the z-direction, even if I asigned all nodes and loads to the local system that I want. Morever, the resulting movement is also strange if i consider the global coordinate system. Here the model attached. pull-out_6x1_impl.hm
  3. I asked it because it seems that the assignment to a cylindrical skew didn't work for my simulation in Radioss.
  4. Hi everybody, is it possible to assign a Radioss' BCs to a cylindrical system? Regards, Luke31
  5. Hi everybody, Is it possible to use the stress results of an analysis made in Optistruct as a pre-stress initial condition on Radioss? The initial geometry and mesh used in Radioss correspond to the final one of Optistruct exported from Hyperview. Regards, Luke31
  6. test impatto_double-layer_cold_try-2_0000.out test impatto_double-layer_cold_try-2_0000.rad test impatto_double-layer_cold_try-2_0001.out test impatto_double-layer_cold_try-2_0001.rad
  7. do you mean to share in this post? or to save again?
  8. this warning is reported. Any suggestion?
  9. dear @George P Johnson, I tried to correct myself the issue tha you said me in the wrong model (delete empty set and fix penetration), but the problem still persist. Have you fixed something else? Regards, Luke31
  10. Thank youvery much! I'll read the help about this topic. Besrt regards, Luke31
  11. Do you see the empty node groups in the set collectors or in the geometry? Regarding penetration, is there a tool that allow to detect them in Hypermesh? Sorry if I'm doing a lot of question, but I want to learn my errors in order to avoid them the next time
  12. Is there any other problem other than penetration in my files? Or was it the only cause?
  13. i can share the file: this is my last attempt. Regards; Luke31 test impatto_double-layer_cold_try_0000.out test impatto_double-layer_cold_try_0000.rad test impatto_double-layer_cold_try_0001.out test impatto_double-layer_cold_try_0001.rad test impatto_double-layer_cold_try.hm
  14. test impatto_double-layer_cold_0000.out
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