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  1. I am trying to do frequency response analysis of a beam (2-d) but i am getting error saying 

    *** ERROR # 291 ***
     Output results for Frequency Response, Transient Analysis and Random
     Response are only requested at grids that have been constrained out. 
     Note that displacements and stresses are disabled by default for such 
     loadcases. Also note that the amount of results for such loadcases may 
     be extremely large, and therefore output SETs are highly recommended.

    Can some one help me with this?

    I have attached my model file with this post.


  2. Hello,

    I am currently working on a model, demanding topology optimization and patterns repetition. I am done with topology optimization of one cell but facing some problem working with pattern repetition. I get  error saying  *** ERROR # 729 *** Any design property can only be referenced by one DTPL or DSIZE card.  multi-referenced property id = 1. I have attached file for optimization of unit cell and image of expected results after pattern repetition.

    Please respond if anyone has even a slightest of idea.


    Thanks in advance.






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