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  1. Hi , I am doing a project on using accelerometer data's to do fatigue analysis and justify use of my seat.My question is:- I would get values of frequency vs amplitude after FFT of acceleration vs time plot. Now I dont know how to proceed further for fatigue analysis of the chassis.Please provide me any source to how to use this data in hypermesh for the analysis.
  2. The problem is in the connection.
  3. Still the thing is not working sir.
  4. Sir, I am trying to perform pedal topology optimisation but I am getting large displacement(power of 10^8).
  5. Sir, I am trying to perform pedal topology optimisation but I am getting large displacement(power of 10^8).
  6. Hi,' I am trying to import system as provided in Baja student document but I am not been able to open it.
  7. I have a simple query that how can we impart a force at a particular distance.Is there any option to create distance from a particular point?
  8. I am not able to do it, sir.I request you to please do it so that I could move forward.
  9. yes sir sure.I had just drop that in your secure file dropbox
  10. I am Having some problem in radioss solver .It shows the following message:- RADIOSS Starter version 13.0 Command line arguments help: -help / -h : Print this message -version / -v : Print RADIOSS release information -input [FILE] / -i [FILE] : Set RADIOSS Starter input file -nspmd [INTEGER] / -np [INTEGER] : Set Number of RADIOSS SPMD domains -nthread [INTEGER] / -nt [INTEGER] : Set Number of SMP threads per SPMD domain -notrap : Disable error trapping ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ====
  11. Hello sir, I do want to know how to add mass to a rbe2 rigid using admas in radioss?What are the significance of the elements M,M-ADV0,M-ADV1,SPHCEL?
  12. Hello sir, I am having a problem in a dynamic crash test of the vehicle.What happens is that the vehicle used to come back after hitting the wall but I want the simulation to end once after hitting the wall.Also, Is it possible to make a dynamic crash test or head on collision of two identical vehicle in radioss?If yes,how?
  13. Sir, I want to perform dynamic crash test on our vehicle assembly in LS-DYNA.Please provide any good link for this .What is the difference in an analysis in radioss and LS Dyna?
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