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  1. Hello Prakash, Thank you for the fast reply and the info. I am aware of all that and my subroutine compiles without any problems. My question is very specific: A tire subroutine has a special interface (it is not a simple GFOSUB call) which is dictated by the 'STI - Standard Tire Interface'. How do I tell motionsolve/motionview that this is a tire subroutine and not a simple user defined force (GFOSUB) ? There is nothing in the user guide or the tutorials that explains how to do this. Thank you, hdrz
  2. Hi, I have written a tire subroutine in FORTRAN, the subroutine having the "Tire Subroutine Arguments" as described in the user guide, and according to 'STI - Standard Tire Interface'. There is no mention in the user guide how to interface this subroutine from the model file (how to insert all the required inputs, how to inform motionview that this is a tire subroutine with 'Standard Tire Interface', etc..). A simple model + fortran subroutine as an example would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, hdrz
  3. Perfect! I tried the same line but with 'component' instead of 'collector'... Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to find which component a solid belongs to? I couldn't find a tcl command for this... Thanks.
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