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  1. Do you use a student edition license file that is many months old? if so please request and use the latest license file.
  2. Can you please make sure there is no space or special characters in the username in windows? let us know if this solves the issue
  3. Can you please make sure there is no space or special characters in the username in windows? let us know if this solves the issue
  4. Can you please make sure there is no space or special characters in the username in windows? let us know if this solves the issue
  5. Hi Yifan, All Can you please make sure there is no space or special characters in the username in windows? let us know if this solves the issue
  6. HI, we apologize for the inconvenience , you should be able to download the file now, please let us know if there are further concerns, Units of Measures - Altair SimLab (1).pdf
  7. Learn more about Altair nanoFluidX here
  8. Learn more about QSD Click Here
  9. Learn more about QSD Click Here
  10. HI Ming, Do you see an error on posting to the flux forum? exactly what is the issue you see on posting there?
  11. Answer: For the 3D urban building vector data WinProp supports the formats as mentioned under: http://awe-communications.com/Databases/Urban.html Most common formats are MapInfo and ArcView Shapefiles. Some sample databases for urban scenarios can be provided on request.
  12. Answer: For the topography and land usage maps WinProp supports the formats as mentioned under: http://www.awe-communications.com/Databases/Topo.html Some free DEM data (topography) in a supported format with a resolution of approx. 100m can be obtained via: http://dds.cr.usgs.gov/srtm/version1/United_States_1arcsec/
  13. Answer: Generally the clutter data (*.mdb files) can be only used for rural scenario projects. If you want to use some of the clutter classes as vegetation layer for the urban scenario you can do this by converting the clutter map to a *.veg file, which can be done in WallMan by File => Convert => Vegetation Database. Here you can select the *.mdb and *.mct files and then assign corresponding heights to the vegetation classes in your clutter data (e.g. 10m to forest and 5m to park). Then these heights are saved as pixel data in a *.veg file which can then be considered in ProMan (under the Database tab) as vegetation layer for the prediction in the urban scenario.
  14. Answer: The pre-processing in WallMan is only required for the IRT ray tracing models (both for urban and indoor scenarios). The single pre-processing of the 3D building vector data determines the visibility relations between all the considered objects and ensure to accelerate the ray tracing predictions. The other wave propagation models, both the deterministic DPM model as well as the empirical models can be used without pre-processing the building data in advance.
  15. Answer: Rx power in dBm can be computed by subtracting the path loss in dB from the Tx power given in dBm (typically the computed path loss includes already the minus sign): RxPower [dBm] = TxPower [dBm] – Pathloss [dB]
  16. Answer: Please ensure to define the same settings in ProMan and the API, e.g. power value in dBm and power mode output PA (power amplifier, in this case the antenna gain will be added) or EIRP (in this case the antenna gain is already included in the defined power value). In the API the corresponding parameters of the WinProp_Antenna data structure are: double Power; /* Power in dBm */ int PowerMode; /* Power mode (0 = output PA, 1 = EIRP, 2 = ERP) */ Please note that the result values computed in the API are path loss in dB (not Rx power in dBm), i.e. you need to compare to the path loss of the GUI result.
  17. Please tell us the issue you see during viewing the results with snapshots and we will help you from there...
  18. Please find the latest supported hardware in the pdf attached. hyperworks_2018_hardware_recommendations_and_certifications.pdf
  19. Abeba, we have written to the account manager for your region regarding this as well, thanks.
  20. Hi, you need to download and install HyperWorks Student Edition 2017.2 Windows Installer(x86, 64-bit)
  21. Hi Abeba, the account manager for your region has been informed, HyperCrash is part of the student edition, and you can start it from applications as in the image below,
  22. FREE eBook: Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization with Altair Compose, Click Here This study guide aims to provide a fundamental introduction into "Math, Scripting, Data Analysis & Visualization" with Compose. The book is written for users new to "programming" but also for the expert new to Altair Compose. Altair Compose provides engineers, scientists and product creators a high level, multi-language programming environment which enables you to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, analyze & visualize various types of data. It supports multiple languages such as Tcl or Python and offers OML (Open Matrix Language) a matrix-based numerical computing language for all types of math from solving matrix analysis, differential equations to performing signal analysis and control design. It is a programming environment that allows you to build your script and debug them. In this eBook, we will describe in some detail: Introduction to Compose Basic Commands, Data Type and Mathematical Operators Commands for Math and Curve Fitting Vector and Matrices Plot Attributes and Handle Management Expressions, Logic and Looping Strings, files and I/O Functions and Debugging Higher Level Commands Statistics Control Systems Interfacing with Other languages and others.
  23. Denise said: We are using CADFEKO in our engineering courses at UFABC, for electromagnetic simulation of microstrip circuits. So far, we have used “edge ports” for accessing the microstrip. I would like to receive an application example file on how to use the “microstrip port” (rather than the “edge ports”). Is it possible to connect the microstrip port, considering a substrate of finite height? I would be very grateful if you could help us on this matter. Thank you very much.
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