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  1. Please delete settings files as explained here

    It is possible that the executable/s were corrupted on download and hence you may need to redownload the executables, please check the checksum values after download,

    i.e. this could mean the file was damaged during download, it is important to first try deleting the downloaded file and downloading it again from the site. To make sure the file is not damaged on download, run an md5 checksum on the downloaded file (just google md5 checksum) and make sure the checksum result matches the one given in the site.


    1. Double click / run the Winmd5 checksum executable (download win md5 a freeware from the internet, please note we cannot be responsible for external content and info)


    1. Select the executable by clicking on the browse button or drag and drop the file into the window
    2. Compare with 15b746c46736a8cebb63db2e1a01a8c1



  2. Answer:

    Generally the clutter data (*.mdb files) can be only used for rural scenario projects.

    If you want to use some of the clutter classes as vegetation layer for the urban scenario you can do this by converting the clutter map to a *.veg file, which can be done in WallMan by File => Convert => Vegetation Database. Here you can select the *.mdb and *.mct files and then assign corresponding heights to the vegetation classes in your clutter data (e.g. 10m to forest and 5m to park). Then these heights are saved as pixel data in a *.veg file which can then be considered in ProMan (under the Database tab) as vegetation layer for the prediction in the urban scenario.



  3. Answer:

    The pre-processing in WallMan is only required for the IRT ray tracing models (both for urban and indoor scenarios). The single pre-processing of the 3D building vector data determines the visibility relations between all the considered objects and ensure to accelerate the ray tracing predictions.

    The other wave propagation models, both the deterministic DPM model as well as the empirical models can be used without pre-processing the building data in advance.

  4. Answer:

    Please ensure to define the same settings in ProMan and the API, e.g. power value in dBm and power mode output PA (power amplifier, in this case the antenna gain will be added) or EIRP (in this case the antenna gain is already included in the defined power value).

    In the API the corresponding parameters of the WinProp_Antenna data structure are:

        double  Power;          /* Power in dBm                                     */

        int     PowerMode;      /* Power mode (0 = output PA, 1 = EIRP, 2 = ERP)    */

    Please note that the result values computed in the API are path loss in dB (not Rx power in dBm), i.e. you need to compare to the path loss of the GUI result.

  5. Since the license is based on the wifi ID, the wifi must be turned on when you start the application , is this done? 


    Please note that the student edition license will only activate the student version of the software that must be downloaded and installed from the links in the license mail also pfa,

    If you have installed the student version of our software from the links in the mail, then please tell us which application you are trying to start here

  6. Additional options for almutil include several reporting features as well as interacting with the Hosted HyperWorks Units (HHWU) system. In order to provide both familiar and more useful status data the following option was added to almutil:


    -licstat[-host -port -feature -user -inuse -collapse]


    Display license statistics, by default list everything Information can be limited with optional arguments


    Multiple -feature and -user can be specified

    -inuse will limit output to features with usage

    -inuse may not be used with -feature and -user options

    -collapse will collapse shared checkouts into one entry

    For additional information you can run almutil -–help

    Altair now provides a graphical version of almutil. It provides all the functionality of almutil along with additional views of license usages, etc.

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