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  1. First make sure you are in the user profile you have defined your elements for Go to 2d > elements Select all the elements and required configurations and then update
  2. What to do when you get elements not defined in template error?
  3. Go to Analysis>Forces>create> select the nodes, input the magnitude, Select constant vector and then vecto below magnitude, and choose the vector from the graphics area, now click create.
  4. Go to Geom > nodes Click on "As node" option and then click on the node
  5. How to find coordinates of a node? How to get X,Y,Z coordinates of a node?
  6. "Learn RADIOSS HyperMesh Interface" Videos - By Prashanth AR
  7. there is no deadline for certifications, however you will have deadlines for the entry if you are an AOC participant
  8. Click Here to learn more about LW finder
  9. From Direct mail to Altair University. Greetings, I have extracted a model input file from a thesis which starts like this: ** Arecibo reflector as a casegrain system fed by crossed Dipoles ** Both Antenna Arrays Present (5.1 and 8.175 MHz) ** Active array 5.1 MHz ** ** Kyle Labowski ** Created: 9/29/2008 ** Updated: 2/11/2009 ** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** ** Variables ** ** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** ** Scaling factor #scaling = 0.3048 ** meters to feet How can I save this as a .cfx file to be opened in FEKO? I appreciate all the help. Thanks!
  10. If you encounter the message below when starting Inspire on Windows 10, we have a workaround for you: In your Start Menu, go to your Inspire shortcut, right-click, choose More then Open file location: In the window that opens, right-click on the Inspire shortcut and choose Properties. If your Inspire shortcut is on your Desktop, directly right-click on it and choose Properties. In the Properties window, switch to the Compatibility tab, under Compatibility mode, check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose Windows 8 from the drop-down. Click on OK and try starting Inspire again.
  11. The certificate will be provided as downloadable pdf, it can be used in profiles or resumes We cannot guarantee the skill level of a certificate holder, however we can confirm if a certificate is genuine or not and also if it was actually received by the holder after taking the course using the alphanumeric key in the certificate,
  12. solidThinking® Click2Extrude™ Metal and Polymer are simulation based environments designed to help metal and polymer extrusion companies meet the ever increasing demands to produce complex profiles with tight tolerances, quality surface finishes and high strength properties at reduced cost. Click2Extrude Metal and Click2Extrude Polymer are virtual presses where users can visualize material flow and temperature inside a die during extrusion and make necessary changes to ensure balanced flow, while identifying and eliminating product defects. Click here to learn more
  13. DSHplus is a simulation program especially developed for the dynamic non-linear calculation of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. Click here to learn more
  14. AVL EXCITE™ Acoustics is a tool for the calculation of sound radiation in free field from vibrating structures such as engines and power units using the Wave Based Technique (WBT). Click here to learn more
  15. HUByx is a finite element model of the human body simulating all the bones and organs as well as the internal fluid in between them, enabling the propagation of pressure wave inside the body. Click here to learn more
  16. ChassisSim is multibody vehicle dynamics software that allows race teams and vehicle dynamics engineers to simulate all aspects of vehicle behavior well before the car turns its wheels. Click here to learn more
  17. LOGEengine is an engine optimization tool for evaluation and validation of experimental data through heat release analysis and mixing time optimization, yielding fast and accurate emissions out and detailed combustion development information. Click here to learn more
  18. TAITherm heat transfer software is a professional thermal simulation tool for comprehensive CAE analysis of both steady-state and transient-heat transfer conditions. Click here to learn more
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