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  1. Set an environment variable with name HW_WORKING_DIR and with the value 1, This will create a button in the file menu as shown below to locate and change the working directory easily
  2. Write to the India EDU team regarding the India EDU requirements to process licenses at edu-support@india.altair.com
  3. Richard Bond ( richard.bond@astonmartin.com ) said: I have taken a model that has run, removed the suspension and I now get 6this message when running a modal analysis. The model reads into Hypermesh with out errors. Could you provide some explanation of this error. *** FATAL ERROR # 8006 *** Data block ispcbc not in data manager dictionary. * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "dataml". Thanks Richard
  4. We have just rectified the course also, thank you very much for letting us know.
  5. cristiansecci, are you not seeing this file - http://certification.altairuniversity.com/pluginfile.php/4415/mod_resource/content/0/Exercise 2a Loading and Repairing CAD Geometry.pdf when you click on loading and repairing cad geometry ?
  6. Feel free to ask questions about the system here ...
  7. Please refer to mostly an issue with the normals ...
  8. Learn HyperWorks and get certified, visit the learning and certification system here ...
  9. Please Use the Learning Library for Up To Date HyperWorks Learning Material
  10. http://www.altairuniversity.com/learning-library/model-files-for-student-edition-users-accompaniment-to-the-tutorials-in-help-2/
  11. You can select the nodes in question, and assign them (set reference and displacement) to the global system. (the coordinate system always visible in the bottom corner of the screen) then move the coordinate system.
  12. http://www.altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-practical-aspects-of-finite-element-simulation-a-study-guide/
  13. Looks like the hmmenu.set from the installation directory was also deleted, please note that you must only delete from the locations specifically mentioned in the post earlier,
  14. You can refer to the free ebook, practical aspects of finite element simulation, download it from altairuniversity.com
  15. Also, looks like a larger model relatively, You can use run options, like -ncpu in OptiStruct to choose the number of cores to be utilised for the solution etc. see help for all the run options for your solver,
  16. CELAS2 is the Scalar Spring Property and Connection that defines a scalar spring element of the structural model without reference to a property entry. You just have to card edit the element and enter the stiffness value in field 3 called K
  17. You just have to change the visualisation mode from auto to by comp or any other mode you are comfortable with, see the image below
  18. You can edit the geometry in such a way as to not have any intersections, this should be the first step. You can use tool > penetrations to identify and fix intersections.
  19. It may be better to create a good tria mesh and then use tetramesh procedures,
  20. You can select the nodes in question, and assign them (set reference and displacement) to the global system. (the coordinate system always visible in the bottom corner of the screen) then move the coordinate system.
  21. You can use the visualisation toolbar as in the attached image for the 3d representation of 1d beam elements
  22. Please go through the midsurfacing videos and material here http://www.altairuniversity.com/getting-started/video-library/videos-2/ http://www.altairuniversity.com/modeling/geometry-2/midsurface-pdf/midsurfacing-with-hypermesh/ http://www.altairuniversity.com/7196-advanced-midsurface-training-material/ http://www.altairuniversity.com/2525-mid-surface-meshing/ http://www.altairuniversity.com/6873-advanced-midsurfacing-self-paced-course-free-recorded-video/
  23. See page 216-217 of the free student guide - Practical aspects of finite element simulation, also see -
  24. Go to Translate panel > you can select the nodes > click on the yellow button "nodes" entity selector > duplicate > then translate by required distance. then you can use spotweld
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