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  1. Hi Martin, Thank you for sending the files, we are investigating the issue and will respond soon.
  2. ukyokatajama This is Rahul from Altair, Please send me the stmod file and we will investigate this issue, The model may not have been saved properly, If your file is confidential, just use the secure dropbox below and we will keep your model file confidential, Secure file dropbox https://ftam1.altair.com/dropbox/~0simQA
  3. petarf, Please tell us the name of the abaqus keywords you need to use and we can help you create them in HyperMesh.
  4. Hi All, You should really read the free HW ebook on optimization called Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization - http://www.altairuni...m/free-ebooks/� The compliance is the strain energy of the structure and can be considered a reciprocal measure for the stiffness of the structure. so minimizing compliance will maximize stiffness, we would not maximize compliance therefore. the upper bound and the lower bound for constraints describe the range of the constraint value, so when you say upper bound 0.8 you are telling the solver that the constraint may not get higher than this value, when it does for a particular design variable the solver will stop and change the design variable. Please read the definitions of these responses here Altair OptiStruct > User's Guide > Design Optimization > Responses: Internal Responses
  5. Formulation for volume fraction: Volume fraction = (total volume at current iteration – initial non-design volume)/initial design volume we many times use 0.3 to start with , which means 30% of the "design space" volume will be retained. In OS help , see - Altair OptiStruct > User's Guide > Design Optimization > Responses: Internal Responses
  6. pka1991, We have several hex meshing videos in the training center that may help you - http://training.altairuniversity.com/ and also in the resource library in hyperworks.com Have you tried shrinkwrap, Shrink wrap meshing is a method to create a simplified mesh of a complex model when high-precision models are not necessary, as is the case for powertrain components during crash analysis. The model's size, mass, and general shape remains, but the surface features and details are simplified, which can result in faster analysis computation. You can determine the level of detail retained by determining the mesh size to use, among other options. see HyperWorks Desktop Applications > HyperMesh > User's Guide > Meshing > Surface Meshing: Shrink Wrap Meshing
  7. Praveen, I suggest you read the free ebook Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization - http://www.altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks/ also see - Altair OptiStruct > User's Guide > Design Optimization > Topology Optimization: Design Variables for Topology Optimization
  8. Prithvi, Just go to pre processing > geometry > midsurfacing in the Training center - http://training.altairuniversity.com/ http://training.altairuniversity.com/modeling/geometry-2/midsurface-pdf/midsurfacing-intro/
  9. BeMa86, About the error, please make sure all your elements have a property assigned to them, it is very rare that this error comes up for just one element, although it refers one element at a time in the error several elements may have a property missing, a quick way to check is to change the visualisation mode to by prop and if there are grey elements, these elements do not have a property assigned to them.
  10. Yes, but please note CNTNLSUB is for non linear loadcases only,
  11. Pritam, Did you try prestressed analysis first with just two of your subcases? is that what you were looking for? also are all your loadcases linear static? in the Hyperworks help see Altair OptiStruct > User's Guide > Structural Finite Element Analysis > Loads and Boundary Conditions: Prestressed Analysis
  12. Hi Prithvi, Looks like you need what we call midsurfacing, please go through - http://training.altairuniversity.com/modeling/geometry-2/midsurface-pdf/
  13. Script ID 1120 does your exact requirement however, http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/13205-hyperworks-script-exchange/ Altair Support Forum → CAE Process Automation → HyperWorks Scripts & Customization
  14. alpha, You can go to the property panel and then select all the elements and unassign properties assigned to all the elements, then you are left with only properties assigned to the components. you can then assign remaining components the necessary properties, you can select multiple components to assign properties to components at the same time.
  15. Tinh, This is a service for our customers, Customers can Request Access to the Client Center or register into Altair connect
  16. I do not see any way to do this currently, I know that the feature to keep IRCS as 0 on import is under development and will be implemented in the future
  17. The *PART_INERTIA IRCS parameter value is changed from 0 to 1. (The inertia components are changed from global to local axis.) This allows inertia components to be automatically updated when *PART_INERTIA elements are translated or rotated.
  18. To do the required, please use the macro number 238 in the script exchange, to convert from rigidlink to rigid, i.e. the macro creates individual rbe 2 elements at each arm of an rbe 2 with multiple independent nodes, you can then do a config edit to change all these to bar elements, In detail, consider an rbe 2 as below, Run the macro attached, where you just need to select the rbe 2 element Now you will have multiple rbe 2 elements Select all these elements in the config edit panel to convert to bar elements
  19. Script Exchange is a value added initiative through which customers can upload or download scripts that help simplify their processes and reduce the effort of repetitive work. Registered users can post scripts, request for scripts or even ask questions about the scripts in the script exchange. Have a look at the script exchange here - http://www.altairhyperworks.com/Script-Exchange.aspx??top_nav_str=1 \ Or go to http://www.altairhyperworks.com/ then go to resources > script exchange
  20. sagarsrm, As suggested above make sure the model is sufficiently constrained, more importantly also make sure there is no connectivity issue, go to tool > edges > preview equivalence and equivalence the nodes where there are connectivity issues.
  21. HI Chetan, I suggest you start with solid thinking Inspire (start with a big package space and make sure you assign some areas that are very important for the functionality as non design) to generate the "best" and structurally efficient concepts. you can then proceed to include aesthetics and other considerations to arrive at the best design.
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