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  1. Oh thank you. This is exactly the function i was looking for.
  2. Hallo, is there in Hyperview a function to find an Element via ID? I am thinking about a function like the function "Find" (or find entities) in Hyperworks, where you can find entities with the ID-number. I want to check if the measurment points still are on the correct locations. However I couldn´t find any button for this funktion. Thank you
  3. Hey, @George P Johnson, this was the solution. Affter clicking on the Default button the keyboard shortcut for hiding a components is working. Thank you
  4. Hallo, Is there any keyboard shortcut to hide a seclected components in Hyperview? In the Help of Hyperview is the Shortcut H+ left mouse button menioned. However this shortcut does not work in my Hyperview version (14.0). Does anyone run into the same problem? Thank you
  5. Okey, thank you. So I am not able to create a model in Hyperworks with the user profil PamCrash2G 2012 (or an other PamCrash user profil), safe the model as PamCrash- Data und input this model in Hypercrash? Is it better to mesh the model in Hyperworks and safe it as Radioss file and than import this Radioss file to Hypercrash (with the user profil PamCrash)? Or could there occur any problems?
  6. Hi George, thank you for your answer. Oh okey, does HyperCrash support any versions of PamCrash? With format would a the better any to import a meshed model from hyperworks into hypercrash (use profil PAM2G)?
  7. Hallo, unfortunately i have an other problem with importing Pamcrash files in Hypercrash. I have the issue that everytime when I want to export a model from Hyperworks (Version 14) to Hpyercrash (Version 14) i got the error message: "Unknown PC file Version". My procedure to create a model is: Create the model (import geometrie and meshing) with Hyperworks (Use Profil PamCrash2G2012) and then export the model to the file type Pamcrash2g (Template: Pamcrash2g2012). However everytime I want to import this file in Hypercrash (use profile PAM2G), the programm is not able to import the model and I got the mentioned error message "Unknown PC file Version". Though importing the same file again into Hyperwork works with any issues. Can you help me with my problem? Thank you
  8. Hi George, Thank you for your quick answer. We found the problem. The issue was that the used computer was too weak for the whole file. With the division in .inc-files, I imported the modell step by step(part by part) in Hypercrash. With this procedure the import worked without any problems.
  9. Hallo, I am writing my bachelor thesis with the help of Altair Hypercrash (version 14.0) and Radioss. Therefore I need to import already meshed data with the file format .pc (PAM-Files) in Hypercrash. However everytime when i try to import this files, i get the errormessage "HM doesn´t work any more" and Hypercrash get closed. Furthermore I am not able to open this data with Hyperworks/Hypermesh, I only get the error message(change name of file): Warning: Unsupported information found in input deck Resolution: Unsupported text written to file: xxx_PC2012.pc1.hmx Can anyone help me with this problem?
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