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  1. Thank you Rahul. With kind regards, Jukka
  2. Hello Rahul, Thank you for your answer. It clarifies the usage of STL's. Does this limitation also apply to STL's created and exported from inspire? I mean when the shape is first saved and re-imported back. With kind regards, Jukka
  3. The current Inspire 2016 have a heat load case. I would like to know is the heat load case more than the mechanical load from heat expansion? I haven't been able to use the heat input to optimize a heat sink as there are only 'Volume constraint' and 'stiffness constraint' in the optimization. Is there a possibility of implying a heat constraint? Do you know if all constraints are mechanical? Thank you for your answer, Jukka
  4. Hello Everyone, I just started to use Inspire and I did the introduction problems on Altair's Moodle. I know more or less how to draw and modify the structures. However, I noticed when I upload STL file from alternative source to Inspire 2016, it seems like a piece that I cannot modify or it doesn't appear in analysis any way. I would like to run analysis stage on the imported STL file before I modify it at any way. The piece appears as "Invalid feature or associated part". An STL file output from Inspire 2016 source is recognized as it should be after reloading. Is it there a way to make an imported part to become a part that can be modified in Inspire 2016? Thank you, Jukka
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