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  1. Hello! I would like to execute the example provided with feko installation files (2018) Antenna Coupling on an Electrically Large Object, as it is written in the feko Example guide this simulation will take place during hours which is not allowed as I have a student edition, and if I would like to change the mesh size in order to reduce the computational time I get an error (Please check the file attached). How can I work out this issue? thank you!
  2. Hello ! I am get this warning while trying to simulate a structure within feko WARNING 37591: Non-radiating characteristic modes were removed do you have any explanation to this warning ?! Thank you!
  3. ALM

    hello ! I have an issue within the implementation of the formulation of Feko , is it possible to send you a message with the issue ?!

    Thank you!

  4. thank you very much ! it seems to be a good point to start with. Best regards!
  5. Hi ! Thank you for your reply! the goal is that I should implement a Matlab code for simple structures and compare the output( eigenvalues , eigencurrents,..etc) with Feko . any suggestion would be very welcomed.
  6. Hello ! I am a little bit confused a bout which formulation is used by feko to generate the mom matrix , any enlightening about would be very welcomed. (Note: I have google it but still don't get a clear answer ) thank you!
  7. Hello! you could export the Z matrix using another environment and get the real and the imaginary parts of the Z matrix , then you can get the eigenvectors.
  8. Hello hykr , I suggest that you post your question in a new topic so all users will be able to see it ! thank you!
  9. Problem solved ! thank you all for your help! How problem was solved ? just runing feko in order to create the .fek file then import the .fek file again into CadFeko then I could get the *.mat file . Hope this could be helpful for somebody else. Best regards!
  10. Hello! exactely I am trying to open the *.mat file with the mat2ascii application , but when looking for the outputted mat files I have found out that they were not generated by Feko. I am suspecting that the basis functions are not created because the mesh is not created within Feko , but I have no prove ! Thank you!
  11. thank you for your reply! I have checked I am using save matrix elements to *.mat file . what I did is I have imported a nastran file containing a mesh into feko and I have enabled Editfeko from cadfeko and set the simulation parameters such as the frequency and save the matrix . any suggestions ? I have attached a section from the out file which shows that feko is not performing anything but fixing up the imported geometry. SUMMARY OF REQUIRED TIMES IN SECONDS CPU-time runtime Reading and constructing the geometry 0.014 0.014 Checking the geometry 0.007 0.007 Initialisation of the Green's function 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of coupling for PO/Fock 0.000 0.000 Transformation to equivalent sources 0.000 0.000 Ray launching/tracing phase of RL-GO 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of matrix elements 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of right-hand side vector 0.000 0.000 Preconditioning system of linear eqns. 0.000 0.000 Solution of the system of linear eqns. 0.000 0.000 Eigensolution for characteristic modes 0.000 0.000 Determination of surface currents 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of impedances/powers/losses 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of averaged SAR values 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of power receiving antenna 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of cable coupling 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of error estimates 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of electric near field 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of magnetic near field 0.000 0.000 Calcul. of far field 0.000 0.000 other 0.043 0.042 ------------ ------------ total times: 0.064 0.063 (total times in hours: 0.000 0.000)
  12. hello ! I have imported a mesh (.nas) into feko and it seems okay , but when i wanted to save the matrix elements into *.mat file I get an error saying that the mat file couldn't be opened, any suggestions to solve this issue ?! Thank you !
  13. Hello, I would like to know the meaning of this warning and whether it will affect the accuracy of the results WARNING 37630: The eigenmodes calculated for CMA are not all orthogonal See also message in the output file Myantena.out thank you, best regards!
  14. Hello! I am getting this error ERROR 37590: The characteristic modes that were calculated are all non-radiating See also message in the output file myfile.out it is the same problem as in the following link , but unfortunately there was no answer for it , any hints or tips on how to sole it are very welcomed ! http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/15859-error-37590/
  15. thank you very much for your replies! problem solved . Best regards!
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