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  1. Hello again @Prakash Pagadala, May I ask where do you get the information? Is it from the Hyperworks Help? I've tried searching in the Help, but I found nothing. So do you mind sharing with us the source? Thank you. BR, Hanif
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you very much. This helps a lot. BR, Hanif
  3. Hello, Can anybody explain what is the difference between these 2 stress components ; Tresca and MaxShear? I assume that both come from the Maximum Shear Stress theory (Failure theories) so I do not understand the difference between both of them, in which situation they are to be used, etc. Thank you. BR, Hanif
  4. Hi George, Thank you for this information. At least I know now that there is no doubt on the consistency of results. I will surely have a check on those things that you mention. Thanks again. BR, Hanif
  5. Hello everybody, I am conducting a spring design analysis using Hyperworks (Hypermesh, Radioss, Hyperstudy, Hyperview). For the moment, I already have a database of previous analysis done by previous researchers. After I ran one simulation using the same input parameters as the previous study, I noticed that I obtained a slightly different results. So my question is, is it possible to have a different result despite having the same input parameters? Is there any result consistency with regard to the Radioss solver? What could possibly go wrong? BR, Hanif
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