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  1. Hi @George P Johnson, Great... I can modify the .fem file to modify the constraint directly.... Thank you very much... Regards, Iron_Man59
  2. Hi, How to export node id based on LoadCollector in .txt file? Thank you Regards, Iron_Man59
  3. Hi @ydigit, Thank you for your response.... The problem has been solved, but I don't know why it could be happen.... I just change my mesh size to solve this problem... Best regards, Iron_Man
  4. @Rahul Ponginan, Hi, I try to use click2cast and I got an error message : 0 Undefined error. What should I do with this case? I attach the error file Thank you C2CError.txt
  5. @Prakash Pagadala, @Armand Thank you very much for your guide.... I will try to use any method that could make my model run and no problem issue... Best regards, Iron_Man
  6. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, What is the progress of this problem? Did Altair team still working on it or already finish? Thank you,
  7. Oh sorry, Tutorials that I search is about electrical coupled with thermal.... Thank you....
  8. Hi @pioborzy & @Simon G, Thank you very much for your guidance.... It works great.... Another question, did you have tutorials or notes or training materials about flux? I've tried to search in google, but I got nothing... Thank you Best regards, Iron_Man
  9. Hi @pioborzy, Thank you for your response, I got this error : (with the detail in attachment) executeAlgo_c : Execution failed. Failed execution So, what should I do? Regards, Iron_Man Flux_Mesh_Import_Error.txt
  10. Dear All, I want to make electrical simulation combine with thermal (heat transfer) aspect on complex assembly. I've made the FE model with hypermesh optistruct profile and export as .fem file, but I can not import it to FLUX. Is there any way to do it? Please, need your advise. Thank you, Best regards, Iron_Man
  11. Dear @Prakash Pagadala, Thank you very much for your help.... I think IF there are something wrong with the tutorial, model or another reason, Altair team should fix it as soon as possible... Best regards, Iron_Man
  12. @Prakash Pagadala, Yes, your result is same with my result if we delete GAP element.... But if I want to transfer the heat like in tutorial, how to do that? Thank you,
  13. Hello... Anybody hear me??? Please help me.... @Prakash Pagadala @Rahul Ponginan @George P Johnson @tinh
  14. Dear @Rahul Ponginan, Please help me to check the OS-1385 tutorial, Is something wrong with the model or the optistruct solver? Thank you Best regards, Iron_Man
  15. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, I tried to run Tutorial OS-1385 and got same error. I attach the .out file and .fem file. I think this is very strange, since I 've done all the steps in tutorial. Thank you. Tutorial1385.fem Tutorial1385.out
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