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  1. Hello Tinh, Layer can be found in 'Report Templates'. I have attached picture to show an example. I have a set of curves with name 'test_curve' that had been read in using a template. Thanks to that I am able for example to hide all curves that belongs to this layer. What I would like to have is a short script that will change the name of the layers according to the curve name (now it is Layer1 for test_curve). Usually it can be changed by hand, but if you have read in 100 curves then it is not efficient to do it manually. Maybe such a script already exist? Thank you for your help. With best regards, Piotr
  2. Hello Prakash, Thank you for your answer. I will try to write it or ask support for some hints. With best regards, Piotr
  3. Hello Prakash, This is what I would like to change, but I would like HV to do it automatically. I know it is possible to modify my preference file and change '*ModelInfoDefaults' to display it. With best regards, Piotr
  4. Hello, I would like to create a note that displays my folder from which I have loaded my model in Hyper View. The problem is that I do not want to display the full path, but only specific folders. When I have my model stored in here: /folder1/folder2/working_folder/model.d3plot I would like my note says only: “working_folder/model.d3plot” Does anybody knows how to create my note for displaying such a thing? Thanks in advance. Piotr
  5. Hello, I would like to create a script that helps me to set the name of layer created by report template to be the same as my curve name. Does anybody knows if such a script already exist or maybe somebody knows how to implement it in Hyper Graph? Thanks in advance. Piotr
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