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  1. while doing eigen value analysis i have some errors about mesh quality my model consists of about 8 lakh+ elements . how to improve the mesh quality i'm attaching images of error
  2. how can we spot the left out 2d elements( 1 or 2 which are not included while doing tetramesh) after doing tetramesh??
  3. Even if a volume has no free edges(checked using find edges) it is not getting meshed.what are the other parameters that are need to be checked
  4. while doing tetramesh only 0 nodes and 2 elements are formed for solid model which one is preferred volume tetramesh or tetramesh?? error message.docx
  5. how do we enclose a mesh and what does the error ' xxx elements are outside of mesh volume and discarded' while doing a tetramesh??
  6. hi , some i could but some i can't in the head region there are no void but meshing couldn't be done.same is the case with ribs
  7. okay.I have imported it as elements and then i deleted solids in hypermesh
  8. hi prakash the upper head part has no free edges but y it is not getting meshed
  9. it was in .max file then i deleted solids and did tetrameshing
  10. hi prakash, can u please tell me what are different ways to deal with intersection
  11. for that parts it is showing as 11000 elements are outside of mesh volumes and discarded and how to deal with self intersection of parts?
  12. Hi, I found that it is due to some of 2D elements, but when i tried to tetramesh that it is showing that it is getting meshed but when i mask the 2Delements i'm finding that it is not getting meshed.How to do tetramesh for that parts??
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