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  1. Unfortunately antenna manufacturers only seem to provide radiation pattern data in polar form (with gain values). The goal was to somehow import this into FEKO to visualize the antennas EMF in 3D space. The data is in a similar format to FEKOs text export (Theta/Phi values from -180:180 with normalized gain values (so largest gain is 0)). Does this seem like a lost cause, is the only option to try and work back to the electric field magnitudes? I appreciate your advice.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, that makes it much clearer. I am exporting far field polar data from POSTFEKO. I would like to input this back as ASCII in PREFEKO and get the same radiation pattern result. However the far field data is in terms of gain. The documentation attached states I need Amplitude Field Strength in Volts. Is it possible to get this from the polar data?
  3. Could someone specify the format for the external ASCII file when loading radiation pattern data into the AR Card in EDITFEKO? I am aware of the documentation but would appreciate a clearer example of the format. Thankyou
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