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  1. I have seen it while searching for NVH related material in Google. I could not download it. BAidu site. Is it not the proper document??
  2. NVH Director Shanghai Training - 2012, Slide No. 41 Step 3: Loading an assembly Definition XML file
  3. For executing the NVH director, we may require the .XML file of the assembly as per the NVH director tutorial , how do we get this file? Regards Kamalakarrao
  4. Hi George Here are the files. Regards Kamalakarrao Tractor_truck_frontalcrash2_0000.out Tractor_truck_frontalcrash2_0001.out
  5. Hi I am running a frontal impact simulation. Getting the following error message. RUN KILLED : TOTAL MASS ERROR LIMIT REACHED 1000 0.4453E-03 0.8657E-13 NODE 2024577 0.0% NaN NaN NaN NaN 0.1409+155 Can somebody help me to fix this issue. I am using the following parameters for the TYPE 7 contact. Istf=4 Igap=2 Fscale_Gap=0.8 INACTI=6 Gap_min=0.1 Fric = 0.1 Iform=2 Engine file and .out attached to this message. Tractor_truck_frontalcrash2_0001.rad
  6. Thank you. But I am getting an error as Math parser error evaluating motion-1 value expr
  7. I am modelling a Casting mechanism in Motion View. It has a core which is moving and a fixed part into which the molten metal is injected. Once the core is moved into the die the other closures will move and lock it and the molten metal is injected. To simulate this condition, I will have to move the core first and then the other doors. How should I define the time lag mechanism? Please give me an example if any?
  8. Hi, Is the plastic strains plots in hyperview is the %plastic strain or just a number. If the maximum plastic strain is say 0.023, does it mean the plastic strain as 0.023%. if it is not how do I convert to percentage value?
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