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  1. Hi., SimLab 2019.3 can import the HM file saved in the version lesser that 2019 and it wont import HM file saved in HM 2019. But in SImLab 2020 beta, we have supported to import HM file saved in HM 2019. Thanks & Regards KamalRaj Senior Application Engineer – SimLab Altair | Nasdaq: ALTR kamalraj.rajagopal@altair.com | altair.com Connect with us: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook
  2. Hi, LAW36 and /MAT/PLAS_TAB both are same as per Radioss document. Please refer below image to define /MAT/PLAS_TAB. Also refer attached ppt for defining other materials. RADIOSS_Material_Support.pptx
  3. Hi Rakesh, thanks for details. We will fix this. Thanks & Regards KamalRaj Senior Application Engineer – SimLab Altair | Nasdaq: ALTR kamalraj.rajagopal@altair.com | altair.com Connect with us: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook
  4. Hi, It is better to uninstall and install it again. TO narrow down the issue, please let us know the simlab version that you have installed and platform windows / Linux version
  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing the sample deck. Currently SimLab does not support to import /MAT/PLAS_JOHNS/1 materials. Please refer below image to know about SimLab supports for both read and write. Let me know the customer details and priority of it, based on that, we will support and let you know.
  6. Hi, Please use below command in command prompt., AltairSimLab2019.3_win64.exe -i silent This will install pointed SimLab exe in silent mode with all default SimLab setting and License settings.
  7. Hi Solution approach is new to SimLab which enables users to perform analysis setup in very easy way. Solution browser integrates performing of structural, thermal and CFD analysis and postprocess with in a single environment. The single browser set up addresses the limitation of traditional SimLab of only single type of analysis being set up with in database. The key features of solution browser are listed below, Multiple solutions can be defined for the same model or different model. Loads and constraints will be validated and added to respective analysis types. Solutions can be duplicated. This helps in modifying specific parameter or loading conditions and solving the results. Results from a solved solution can be mapped directly to another solution as load or constraint irrespective of mesh difference. This helps in setting up multi-physics model setup with ease. Solution can be exported as a specification or template and can be used to transfer loads and constraints to a new mesh. We have placed more videos in SImLab learning center, for creation of solution and how easy it is., please have a look on it., Basic Video: more videos at https://web.altair.com/altair-for-simlab-learning-center-trls
  8. Hi, SimLab did not support to import materials alone from solver deck except Abaqus deck. As you said, It should be assigned with some elements, to get import it into SimLab. The work around you suggested should work for Radioss too. If it is not working, then that material may not have support to import in SimLab. Please let us know that material details, we will check from our side. Thanks, KamalRaj
  9. Hi., The Learning Center video is correct, but, there is an issue in SimLab 2019.3 on exporting spring as Radioss deck. We fixed it, please let us know if you need patch for this fix.
  10. Hi Currently SimLab did not support other failure models except Johnson Cook. Please let us know what failure model you are looking for.
  11. The material.xml file exported from SL 2019.1 under Materials > Transfer option, should get import into SL 2019.2 through Material browser > Right click > Import option. Please let us know if you are unable to do the same and share the .xml file too.
  12. Hi, Inserting these text can be done directly in SimLab Itself. Go to LBC browser > Loads and Constraints > Right click > Text Data. All unsupported cards of SimLab can be added here and it will get exported in deck in corresponding field.
  13. Hi, You can define and export OLOAD and SPCFORCE cards by using Analysis > Solve > Output Request.
  14. No need to worry on installing different versions of SimLab in same machine. For each version, SimLab installation will create different path and will maintain all settings files separately and there wont be any overlays.
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