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  1. Hello, Thanks guys for your suggestions, i just wanted to clear this doubt , the concept of spotweld Mesh Independant used normally when the components are not perpendicular to each other right ? So that its possible to join them with the contacts because the normal force component of 1D element is arbitrary ? Let me know if i am clear with this concept. Thanks ! Regards, Ashish
  2. Hello Guys, I want to connect two rollers with 2D shell-Mesh which are inclined at an arbitrary angle and i want to connect them with spotwelds. Which method is better 1) Mesh Independant : Where we connect Element to Element via Spots and Contacts with MAT 100 and Property. or 2) Mesh Dependant where Node to Node Connections are specially established without any contacts and so on ? So what are specifically Pros and cons of these methods ? Can anybody help me out ? Thanks ! Regards, Ashish
  3. Hello All, I am working currently in LSDYNA profile of Hypermesh and i am developing the script to export the Lsdyna keyword files seperately with their idividual Assemblies. I want to create a Master Include File which should contains all of the Exporting Include files only names not their data. Is it possible to do with any command or method in TCL Script ?? Command: *feoutputwithdata "C:/Altair/2017/templates/feoutput/optistruct/optistruct" "D:/Crash_Skripts/test_model.k" 0 0 2 1 2 The Command above is basically exporting the include file, so now how can i include this file into another Master include but should be defined as parent include and it should not contain any Entity data of that particular Include file. Please let me know if anybody can help me out in this ?? Thanks !! Regards, Ashish
  4. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply ! I have actually modelled in Hypermesh (LS-Dyna Profile) and calculated it with LS-Dyna solver so i dont have generated out file from Hypermesh Radioss Solver. I wanted to know what can be the reason of this unrealistic energy increase after the structure is breaking. Thanks ! Regards, Ashish
  5. Hello Guys, I am doing Impact Analysis on a Structure of different Materials like Steel, Alu and Composites by hitting with Impactor of Steel. After the Impact the structure breaks but then Energy is continuously Increasing which i dont understand why it doesnt reamins constant ? I saw the eroded Internal Energy of my model which is also higher so i think may be this can be the reason or is it anything else possible ? I have attached the Energy Plot file, please let me know if anybody can help me to understand this plot better or f there can be the error in my model. BestRegards, Ashish
  6. Hi Tinh, Thanks for your reply ! I already did this In place of Geometry i have selected all the given surfaces of the geometry, it has executed but created really wierd surfaces and also this program has detected only few surfaces to execute. Thanks ! Regards, Ashish
  7. Thanks for your replies ! This method is nice to know. But my Geometry is too complex to extract Mid-Surface. What can be other solution to map thickness without extracting mid-surface ? Thanks !! Regards, Ashish
  8. Hello Guys, I have a complex non-linear geometry to mesh for which creating mid-surface is really difficult task. In my Geometry i managed to create Outer surface of it and it is possible to mesh now. So, the problem is basically i have different thickness throughout the geometry and i need to map different thickness to the shell elements. Is it possible anyway in Hypermesh ? Thanks & Regards, Ashish
  9. Hi Ngunen, Thanks for your reply. I did accrodingly you said and defined load at the dependent node of CERIG element. But solver has given the error "Constraint equation 60 has unused node 14737338" and there several errors similarly i got. can you please tell why it is so ?? Thanks !! Regards, Ashish
  10. Can you please also tell how to correctly define RBE elements in Ansys profile of Hyperworks ?
  11. ok Thanks ! Actually i want to export ansys format file from hyperworks and want to calculate in ansys solver.
  12. Hello, Hey guys i have used conversion tool from my Optistruct profile to Ansys profile. It hasn't correctly defined the CBSUH element and RBE elements. For CBUSH how can i define K1 to K6 in property. It has formed Et type combin14 but what elese need to be define there ? When i am running .cdb file in ansys solver it is giving the error "Zero length has been defined" Can anybody explain this ? Thanks ! Regards, Ashish
  13. Thanks for your concern ! Sorry i cant share the model, but i have roughly sketched the problem what i want to do. Image is attached. Thanks !! Regards, Ashish
  14. Hello Guys, I have a belt and sprocket problem and i want to distribute the Variable load on a half circle tangentially to it. How can i define it in Optistruct ? Regards Ashish
  15. Hi Prakash, This is actually not the LGDISP problem so it doesnt make sense to apply it over here in my problem. Can you tell me if EXPRT CNTSTB works for contacts ? and how to setup correctly that with values of parameters ? Thanks !
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