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  1. Hello Sir, I am using motionview/motionsolve to simulate the scissor link mechanism as below image. I have represented the revolute and transnational joint at the link end location. Please share the preferable friction represent. I have used the default properties at the joint friction but I did not get any output force due to friction. Please share your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj S
  2. Hello Sir, I am working of seat suspension mechanism. I am new to MBD and Motion solve. I need to select the damper of the system. In the simulation If I use the Friction parameter I am getting error as below. ERROR: At time=6.673E-04 the integrator failed to proceed. ----------- Possible Causes ----------------------------------------------------- (1) The integration has become unstable. Tighten (decrease) integr_tol, h_max, or both in Param_Transient can help stabilize the integration. If the simulation contains distinctive phases, use multiple Simulate, each with its own proper integrator parameter setting, to selectively tighten the tolerance during the period where instability is encountered. (2) If the simulation was terminated because stepsize has diminished consistently below h_min, reduce h_min in Param_Transient to force integration to continue. (3) Non-physical inertia properties, such as mass=100 Kg and Ixx=Iyy=Izz=1 Kg*mm^2, or extremely small inertia on a part with an unconstrained degree of freedom. Make sure the modeling data, in particular the part inertia and the gravity, are specified in proper units consistent with the units given in Param_Unit element. (4) Beam, flexible body goes out of linear range, bushing has large rotation along more than one axis, curve goes out of its interpolation range, higher-pair joint goes out of the range of U or V, etc. Make sure fundamental modeling assumptions, such as rigid contact assumption used in Force_Contact, are not violated. (5) Motion displacement defined using LINSPL, AKISPL in dynamic analysis, or as a function of model states (DX, VX etc), as well as forces defined as a function of other forces, can cause hard convergence and integrator failure. Avoid these modeling practices wherever possible. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please can you guide how can i proceed further. and guide me for the friction in Contact. Please let me know your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj S Suspension.log
  3. Yuvarajs91


    Hello George, Thanks for the reply. I can able to run the simulation in Radioss2017 if I fixed the master node on element. I am using following AMS cards in Engine file. In Radioss14.0 and Radioss13 which is solving very quickly. But in Radioss2017 the same deck file is taking 5 time solving time of Radioss14.0 and Radioss13. Minimum Time step in AMS card = 10 time of minimum timestep in Deck file=(10*12e-5)=12e-4 Please clarify the time variation in Radioss2017. Do I need to change anything in AMS card, Is AMS recommended? If possible please give some guidance for AMS. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj
  4. Yuvarajs91


    Hello, I have used P3-Beam with Rigid body to represent the bolt (Refer Attached Image) where the beam is connected with rigidbody master node. Radioss shows error in Radioss2017 but not in Radioss13. I have no issue in Radioss2017 without AMS. Please clarify how the run the same simulation in Radioss2017 with AMS. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj
  5. Please let me know the difference between NF-Resultant Normal Force and Resultant Force. Also what is difference between FX-X Total Force and FNX-Normal Force. I got this values from Radioss Interface output forces. Please let me your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj
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