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  1. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thanks for you replying!! I am wondering where I can find Hex mesh? Thanks so much!
  2. We are trying to use topology optimization to design a truss designed boomilever. The objective is minimizing the compliance. We are using a volume fraction of 0.2. The testing load condition is attached in below. (see Load Condition PNG) We were using tetra mesh to optimize it. However, the output result was a nonregular shape design which does not make sense. (see attached file in below) Ideally, we want to see an optimizing result close to what a normal truss bridge looks like. We are wondering how to convert the results into a truss design, and how to smooth the result. And also how do we observe the stress condition in iso graphs? Thanks so much!
  3. How to evenly apply a 100N force on a 50mm square surface as a pressure on hypermesh??
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