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  1. Thank you Prakash, I have one more doubt also if I need to perform large displacement analysis means what I need to change ( load collector, control cards, load steps) Please tell me..
  2. Hi Rahul, I Tried a same link your mode only but after solving the post process videos not slimier than yours. I followed same step as your followed above one but version only different. Please help me out. Thank you clip.hm
  3. CBAR 800 has invalid orientation vector ( zero length or parallel to the element axis). How to solve this error?
  4. 1D Elements are created in Line by using 1D --> Line Mesh option. All lines are mesh, which shows the nodes while meshing. After Elements are created, by using Cross section visualization tool, Some Elements are not having the Cross sectional property. Which is displayed as a line only. Other lines are displayed as Circular cross section.
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