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  1. Sorry I was far too busy, I am student in Automotive engineering in chassis design. About the thinness, After concept of design the next step in Initial Design, by the modification and optimization that i want to do, i will find different cross section and give these data to Department who is working on detail.If i want to optimize all whole beam its infinity variables and its some how imposiible but in first step its possible to define for example 500 beam or 1000 beams and define cross section for these as initial design. S.S.C is one way to model the beam, its stand for Simple structural surfaces and also i want to define Arbitrary cross section model. My model should pass my torsional and bending stiffness which have especial procedure and i cant define different load and check my model. Best regrds, Haghnejat
  2. My model is simplified by 1D beams and i just want to optimize the chassis with hollow cross section of beam. I have only one objective function: The 3 design variables of cross section of beams. Torsional and bending stiffness as my constrain. One way that i was thinking, write the stiffness matrix of each element and then i will find a total stiffness of matrix. An other way that i was thinking, export my model to MSC.NASTRAN and from the .f file, write a code that search for defined beam and read data and by using derivative and second derivative definition, make computation in my code then update the model but i think this is very difficult to do. I am searching for a simpler method to do, I think, i should find a way to link my code to do this Automatically for reading my data and update the model, Its better to say I hope so. The reason that i want to use Gradient numerical base method, is that i have some idea in this method and i want to applying to check the amount of optimize value and run time. I appreciate you, Best regards, Haghnejat
  3. Hello Gonçal Thank you for your prompt reply, i really appreciate it. I need to work hard, your recommendation was great.I just start from here but i have to work hard. My project is to model automotive by S.S.D model beam now i have many beam each have 3 parameter, height, width and thikness. My objective function is to reduce weight of vehicle due to minimize these variables to satisfied my constrain. This is what i wanna to do. I want to this by Gradient numerical base method. I really thank you for your answer and please send me message if you find related topic. Best regards, Haghnejat
  4. Hello Gonçalo, Thank so much for taking time. Could you give me a reference about the problem you have seen, i really need it and i don't know from where should i start. My problem have more than 1000 variables.... Best regards, Haghnejat
  5. I want to use my Algorithm to optimize my model instead of methods that defined in optistruc. To explain in more i have write a code in Matlab for optimization, my code need a function which i haven't.I have just a model which i don't know the function. I want to find a way to link my code and my model in optisruc to run my code and use the data of my model and compute then replace the new value.
  6. I am so thankful for the time you took to help with my project.
  7. Do you have any other suggestion?
  8. Yes I did, but it become solid sphere* all holes vanish.
  9. Hello sir Thank so much for your consideration. p.s:the model is attached. Model.hm
  10. Hello, I have some problems about solid hexa mesh for spherical shape a piece of which is eliminated. When I want to mesh around the hole, the shape become solid sphere and I don't want this to be happen. Can anyone tell me please that how should I mesh around the hole with hexa solid mesh.The model is presented as follows. Thank so much for your time
  11. Thank so much,i should check.
  12. Hello sir

    My name is Mohammad Ali Haghnejat and i`m student in Automotive engineering.

    I have seen that you work on A-pillar optimization to reduce the weight of it.

    I have full vehicle model which is mesh in hyperwork, now i want to optimize it by different iterative algorithm which i wrote those algorithm in matlab.

    is there any way that i can connect my hyperwork model to matlab and then use my algorithm to solve for optimization?

    if not what is your suggestion?


    Thank so much


  13. Hello I just want to know, is there any way that i can link Matlab and Optistruc together.For example i can applied NSGA 2 optimization method(which i had wrote it in matlab) to my model in hypermesh or optistruc? Please help me on this,Thank you
  14. Thank so much for your answer i sign up now and i will check, this can help me on the way that i want? i want to formulate it by software , and as result i have function to work with and find my optimize variables and after i find the optimize value replace it with original value and see the result. thank so much.
  15. Thank so much for your Reply I have vehicle model which is draw in catia and then i mesh it in hypermesh. The model is simplified using 3B and ABSC and all beams are thin wall. Objective function is to reduce weight therefor i want to minimize the cross section element such as width and thickness. Constrains are stiffness and natural frequency. I have 500 beam and each beam have 3 parameters to optimize, therefor this is large scale optimization. I was thinking to apply different numerical and heuristic optimization methods (such as Differential evolution or Particle swarm optimization ...) and find new shape and time benchmark to optimize model. Thank so much again for quick reply Best regrads M.Haghneja
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