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  1. Hi The element type is c3d8r, is there any problem with that and i have attached my file with this please help me , how to create element set.... warm regards venkat1 cylinder.inp
  2. Hi Rahul Thank you now i understood how to apply dload if i have element set but i could not even know how to create element set if i have only have solid elements (C3D8) . i can create element sets if i have shell elements. example : Take rectangular box one side fixed other side pressure load(DLoad) i want to create element set please help me solve the problem warm regards Venkat1
  3. Hi everyone How to create element set (set1 in the above figure ) I have only linear hexa element (C3D8) i just want to apply pressure or film load Error : 1. After find face i just created a element set than i just done delete find face ,while solving i am getting error similarly no elements found in the element set.. 2. If i create element set by grouping that is also showing some error while solving if you have some example please share me.......... i making mistake but i could not find me ,, warm regards Venkat1
  4. Hi Everyone i have only the solid element,I have created the not set by (Entity set >node set >by face ), but i want to apply the boundary condition similar to this ,pressure ,surface heat flux , radiation boundary condition .I just want to create element sets than i can apply the boundary condition quickly.my solver is abaqus please kindly help me to solve this problem.. Warm Regards venkat
  5. Hi Prakash I have created the shell element component and now i can apply the pressure load Than I have specified the properties to solid element but for shell element i don't have property to specify because i have only the solid section. my solver is abaqus while solving it shows error the property is not defined for shell component (sectional property like thickness). My problem is i have only the solid section with element,I can apply a fixed, and force boundary condition to not sets but pressure , surface heat flux , radiation boundary condition can be applied only to the element sets not for node sets .I just want to create sets than i can apply the boundary condition quickly Warm Regards venkat
  6. Thank you for fast reply , I just want to look... Best Regards Venkat
  7. Hi Everyone I am new to hyper mesh ,i am using hyper mesh as a pre processor for structural analysis . I have a solid element only, one side i want to fix for that i have created a not set using (Entity set >Nodes) . I want to apply pressure on other side but pressure can be applied to element set only so how to create surface element set in solid meshing but i don't have surface elements ..... Advance thank you for fast reply Warm Regard venkat
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