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  1. Hi everybody, could anyone suggest me how I can import stress from moldex 3D in radioss? Or, if it's possible to initialize stress with fields->value from .csv Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi @Ivan, thanks for your replay. All file are in the same folder. After several attempts where I change the different options about include file (in the attached images you can see the options set) the simulation run. Anyway when I import .sta file it doesn't results in a table but in include file: Furthermore, despite the simulation runs the component hasn't inital stress. I don't know where I'm wrong! Could you help me? Thanks a lot!!!!
  3. Hi, I've done a form simulation in Hyperform and I would like to import the .sta file in a new simulation made with radioss block, but when I run the second simulatio an error occours. The error is: ERROR ID : 1101 ** INPUT ERROR DESCRIPTION : CANNOT OPEN INCLUDE FILE SOLUTION : PLEASE CHECK IF INCLUDE FILE LIES IN THE DIRECTORY Could someone halp me? Thank you in advance
  4. Thanks @Rahul R for you replay. I've seen the attached file: there b and n are calculate as but, I have to use CRASURV model, where b and n are calculate as (I don't know what Wpref is) Furthermore I don't know HyperStudy, I'm using Hypermesh (Radioss). Any other suggestion? Thanks a lot Kindly regards
  5. Hi everyone, I have to simulate an object made by thermoplastic composite laminate. I know that I have to do a model calibration with a fitting of experimental curves but I have a lot of doubts about the correct procedure. For exemple on the one element test I have to define laminate and plys or I have to use a single ply with laminate's thickness? Could anyone send me some material about composites model calibration? Thanks in advance. Marta
  6. marta


    In attachment the file of my simulation. Thanks to anyone can help me. sph_mat51_0000.out sph_mat51_0000.rad sph_mat51_0001.rad
  7. marta


    Thanks @Pranav Hari for your replay, but in this tutorial air and water are solid, not sph and if I define different sph for air and water I don't know what type of interface I have to use between the two (I've already try with type7 but it does not work). Have you have some ideas about my problem? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, could anyone tall my if it is possible to use SPH and material law 51? I have to simulate a bottle filled for 97% with fluid and 0.3% with air and I'd like to use SPH method. Could someone help me? Thanks in advance! Marta
  9. Thank you @Ivan, I really, really appreciate for all the help you gave me! Now the simulation runs fine! Thank you again!
  10. @Ivan, I've try with Ismstr but it doesn't work. Thit is all the files. Thanks! STEPII_0000.rad STEPII_0001.rad STEPI_0000.rad STEPI_0001.rad STEPI_0006.sty STEPII_0001.out
  11. Nothing regarding material. I used /inista card and I modified interface to avoid initial penetration ( I reduced gap minimum). Nothing else. Thanks
  12. @Prakash Pagadala Sorry, I don't understand. I used the same material of stepI. What do you mean?
  13. Hi @Ivan, thank you so much for your suggestion! I've try and ereything is working as planned but I've an other problem: when I run the second step this messages appears: MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 483 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION **ERROR : TIME STEP LESS OR EQUAL DTMIN FOR SOLID ELEMENTS **ERROR : NEGATIVE STIFFNESS NODE 1 **ERROR : NEGATIVE STIFFNESS NODE 273 **ERROR : TIME STEP LESS OR EQUAL ZERO How can I solve this problem? Thank you a lot!
  14. Hy @Prakash Pagadala, yes, I've read the post, the Radioss reference guide and I've watched the video Results_Mapping.wrf but I don't fully understand the procedure. Coud you check the file and could you point what I'm doing wrong? Thanks a lot.
  15. Hello everybody, I have some problems with stress initialization simulation of solid element: I'd like to do a simulation made of two step where the second step shall take into account strain and stress of first step. I have try to use \inista but there is something wrong because in second step, at first frame, the part have no stress. The procedure I have used is: - STEP I: /IOFLAG - eport solver deck from HyperView for the deformed shape - STEP II: /INISTA In attach the file .rad of simulation. Thank you in advance for your help! Marta CUBO_stepII_0000.out CUBO_stepII_0000.rad CUBO_stepII_0001.out CUBO_stepII_0001.rad CUBO_deformato.rad CUBO_stepI_0000.out CUBO_stepI_0000.rad CUBO_stepI_0000.sty CUBO_stepI_0001.out CUBO_stepI_0001.rad CUBO_stepI_0006.sty
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