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  1. Hi Pau, Do you have any information related of wheel rim casting simulations.
  2. Hi prakash, Hope you doing well. In this pictures you can see this the spring elaborating with the stiffness. So behavior i need to simulate in optistruct. Can you please tell me what parameters i have to define and if you have any model please share me. Thanks Dinesh
  3. Thanks praksh Or if not possible can please some information about that load case
  4. Hi prakash, Do have any tutorial model for seal & pressure load case for BIW component
  5. Hi Prakash , I have transfer the file....Please check once...
  6. Hi Prakash, Can you please tell how to define variable pressure in optistruct..
  7. Hi prakash , Even if i activate K Line, It giving same error.
  8. thanks prakash, I have define the values in load collector and i have called the load collector in KN line but ii am getting the error as shown in below could you please help me how to define the table and whether selecting the table in to KN line procudure i am doing is right or wrong ?
  9. Hi prakash, I want to define the force vs Displacement curve for spring elements and run the analysis can you please guide me how to define the cards and curves. If possible can you please share any model file. So that it will easy to understand. Thanks
  10. Hi prakash, Is there any example model which we can apply self + acceleration load case. How can we apply that and genrally it is for Trim component.
  11. grear thanks prakash. I am facing lot of problem with press fit analysis. If possible do have any example model please share me....
  12. Hi prakash Can you shared me any of the example model of enforce displacement. Which is to define the displacement in SPC.
  13. Thanks prakash , I have ran the analysis prakash. But i want to know the condition of when the Assume(innerdia) is inserted into the outer cylinder U can see the picture when the inner dia is inserted in real case they will some effect in outer dia.So with that condition i want to run the analysis with only one subcase on force will be applied. As my client saying that interfrence fit analysis. So i also dont have much knowlegde on this .. So plese suggest me whether PCONT card is right to use. So is any special parameters to use this. And before you has shared me the file in that PGap property is created. I think it is not right i think so.
  14. Hi prakash The thing is inner dia is penitrated with 0.1 mm in to the outer Dia.. So for that i need analyse the interference fit analysis.
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