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  1. Hi, Thanks for the file. When I saw the content of the log and report file there is no error message and solving of the project is done well. Except one error message about the iron losses computation. Did you change the region of the rotor and stator (use laminated region instead of non-magnetic conductrices region). Can you share the FeMT file? Best regards.
  2. Hi, Can you check the memory that you allocated. Send me the report (log f)file, to see more in details the error message. Best regards.
  3. Hi, Here is the link : file:///C:/Program%20Files/2020/flux/Flux/Help/english/HowTo/English/HowTo_ExperimentWithNumPyInFlux/topics/experimentwithnumpyinflux_r.htm?hl=use%2Cflux All this information will be available in Flux 2020. Best regards.
  4. Hi, When you open the FeMT tool, you need to select the Flux “d project and it will work fine. But you need to use the laminated region in your Flux project and define the initial position of the rotor. Best regards.
  5. Hi, For each operating point, you need to impose the value of the control angle (this allows to get the correct value of the torque). For this reason, in your case when you try to modify both speed and position and displays the torque curve for each speed you get a negative value because the controler angle is not correct). If you want to get the right value of the torque for each speed you need to use a correct control angle. You can try the Flux tool FeMT (form Flux supervisor), to draw the curve torque VS speed. But you need to define the initial position and use also laminated region in the stator and rotor. Best regards.
  6. Hi, In the first try to do it for one value of speed to be sur that you get a right curve of the torque (if it is not the case, check the phases, the current and shift angle). You can use a magneto-static application to draw the curve torque Vs speed. Best regards.
  7. Hi, You are welcome. I think the best way to get the torque Vs speed is when you create your solving scenario, you change the value of the speed. In the end of the solving you can draw a 3D curve (torque VS speed and time for example). If you want to draw the curve torque vs Speed, you can take a mean value of torque for each speed to do it you can use a macro: ExtractFrom3DCurve.PFM. Best regards.
  8. Hi, You are welcome. I managed to create a python script allows to create the new mesh coil. The aim is to show how to create a non-meshed coil. you can also configure it by creating geometric parameters. You will find attached the python script. Best regards. Create_Non_meshed_coil_Flux_2018.py
  9. Hi, As I told in my previous email, the problem come form the geometry. Hen I do check geometry Flux display an error message. There is an interference between the initial volumes and the new that you have created using a transformation. To avoid this type of the problem it is better if you use the modeler. I delete all the volumes that you have created, and I open the modeler context. To create the other volumes, I sued the symmetry par reference plan. You will find attached the Flux project meshed. You need to check the physics if all the volumes are assigned to volume region. Best regards. physbuilt_test.FLU.zip
  10. Thanks, I will check and keep you informed. Best regards.
  11. Yes , I used Flux 2019.1.1 to create the non meshed coil. can you update you Flux? best regards.
  12. Hi, Send me the Flux project (zip format). I need to check if the geometry is correct. Best regards.
  13. Hi, Can you check if the geometry is correct? can you share the device? Best regards.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. can you send me the report and log file? the goal is to see why you get this error message. Best regards.
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