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  1. Hi, Can you give us more details about what you want to do with user function. Best regards.
  2. Hi, My be the problme of convergence is due to the solving method selected. To change the method follow the steps : Solving >> solving process options >> edit Select non linear system solver Select method for computing the relaxation facto for Newton Raphson >> select optimal method If the problme persist, can you send us your Flux project (format zip) at : Flux_Support_Apac@altair.com Best regards.
  3. Hi, Question N°1 about max torque : When you draw the curve of the torque (function of time for example). Right clikc on the curve, select edit. you will get the mean, min,max…. values of the toruqe Question N2 about iron lass using Preisach model : You need to follow the steps : Create sensor befor solving. The type of sensor : integral (on face or volume , it depend on your Flux project) Select type of support (face of faces region for example). You select the face on whisch you use the Preisach model For the spatial formula, select : dpower/dv When you draw you curve after solving, you need to start form step 3 Best regards.
  4. Hi, Sorry for the delay to time to analyze your project. When I check the project there is some missing information and data: The boundary condition; you need to create an infinite box around your device or use the line region to take into account of the boundary condition. To create the infinite box, go into the geometry >> domain >> infinite box, right click, new The second point, the air gap (region between stator and rotor) you must split it into parts: one for the rotor the second for the stator. About the curve shape of the torque, you need to increase the number of period on your solving scenario. In your case you don’t reach the steady state regime (you are in transient regime) You will find attached the project ready to mesh and solve. Best regards. induccion_mod_current_source_not_solved.FLU.zip
  5. Hi, You can contact the support: Flux_Support_Apac@altair.com Thank and best regards.
  6. Hi, can you send me your project. Best regards.
  7. Hi, Can you send me you Flux project (zip format without results). Best regards.
  8. Hi, Can you, activate the distributed manager and server manager form Flux supervisor. To do it, you go to the: C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\flux\Flux\Bin\prg\win64 Select Activate_Distributed_Computation_And_API.exe (right click >>select: excute as administrator) Best regards.
  9. Hi, In the thermal project you don’t need to use the mechanical sets. Because you need just the losses (different types of losses) that you use it in the thermal project. Then, to avoid this error message, you can delete the mechanical sets. Best regards.
  10. Hi, You will find attached a PPT file explain different steps that you need to follow to make the optimization. I think it is better if you update your HyperStudy version (download the version 2017.3). Best regards. 15_Flux_HyperStudy_Coupling-Altair_Flux-V2019-MAR7-2019.pdf
  11. axial_flux_mod_V2.FLU.zipaxial_flux_mod_V2.FLU.zipaxial_flux_mod_V2.FLU.zipaxial_flux_mod_V2.FLU.zipHi, Attached the Flux project with Flux 2018 version. Best regards. axial_flux_mod_V2.FLU.zip
  12. HI, After checking the Flux project, the problem come from the affectation of the volume region ‘magnet_s and magnet_N’. For example when I try to select the volume region ‘magnet_N’, this lead to select all the magnets volumes (magnet_N and magnet_S at the same time). I think for this reason you get a very low value of the flux density after solving the problem. Correcting this problem, I get a correct isovlaues of flux density. You will find attached the Flux project ready to mesh and solve. Other thing you need to compute the period of cogging torque if you want to get the correct shape of the curve. Best regards. axial_flux_mod.FLU.zip
  13. Hi, Wich version of Flux you use? Best regards.
  14. Hi, From Flux supervisor, you select option. After you go in access path, you select coupled software. Best regards.
  15. Hi, A permanent magnet is characterized by remanent induction (Br). To represent a permanent magnet in Flux we need: The type of magnet (linear or nonlinear) Magnetic proprieties (remanent induction and permeability) The orientation of the magnet (sense of the remanent induction on the magnet) From Flux if you want to see the orientation of the magnet, from the tab “physics” select ‘display arrow on the magnet’. This give you an idea about the sense of the remanent induction inside your magnet. In your case, to define the orientation of the magnet, you can create a coordinate system in each magnet, and assign a value of the angle according to the coordinate system that you have created. Best regards.
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