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  1. Hi, Did you managed to model your motor in Flux? If it is the case, once the project is solved you have the possibility to compute the magnetic field and flux density in each part of the motor. You can use isovalues to see the flux density (magnetic field), you can also create a path and see the evolution of the flux density (magnetic field). From the curve B(H), you can get the value of the flux density and the magnetic field (see attached file). B(H).docx
  2. Hi, You need to select the lines (lines in contact with air gap)of the stator teeth. Best regards.
  3. Hi, Can you delete the results and use zip format to send me the project. Best regards.
  4. Hi, To compute the efficiency on the coil you need to use Joule losses. In Flux to compute the active power the formula used is Active_power= V*I, for the Joule losses the formula uses is Joule_Losses= R*I*I (in this case you take the total current in the coil). Best regards.
  5. Hi, Unfortunately, there is not a python command that allows you to convert a Flux 2020 project into Flux 2019. For a Flux project you can make with Flux 2019 you can open it with Flux 2020 but not vice versa. Best regards.
  6. Hi, Did you use the right frequency? Can you share your Flux Project. Thanks.
  7. Hi, In Flux you have the possibility to parametrize your geometry. This mean that you a geomtric parameter and if you want to change the shape of the magnet for example you need just change the value of the geomtric parameter. To learn how you can use it, there are examples on the supervisor. (technical tutorials>> select magneto static application: sensor), this allows you to see how we use the parameters in Flux. About the python script, attached some document that can help you. Best regards. Altair_Memento_python_GB-v2.1.pdf Altair_Memento_pyFlux_GB-v2.2.pdf
  8. Hi, Try to use a transient magnetic application. Best regards;
  9. Hi, In the case when you sue a voltage source you need to use several periods (more then 5 periods). The reason that you get a Hight value of the current is du to the fact that you are in transient regime and not in steady state. To reach the steady state region you need to increase the number of period that you use in the solving scenario. Best regards.
  10. Hi, How you export the losses for S application to the thermal model. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Try to update your Flux version. Best regards.
  12. Hi, Can you share your Flux project and the python script. Best regards.
  13. Hi, Which Flux version that you use? If you use Flux 2020 there is a bug for the thermal application. This bug is fixed in version 2020.01 can you install version 2020.01 Best regards.
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