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  1. HI, Can you send me the Flux project before creating the cut? best regards.
  2. Hi, When you create a face region type conductor. you put a material (copper) Best regards.
  3. Hi, In the case of stranded coil in Flux 2X, if you don’t put any information about the material, this means that the permeability that you use is 1 (in other hand, thsi means that you use air as material). Best regards.
  4. Hi, • When I do check geometry I get an arror message : WARNING Geometry is not correct and needs to be corrected. This means that there is a geomtric problem on your project. • Other thing, when I do check physics, Flux display this message : The following faces are not used by any volume: 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 Modification possible using GEOMETRY CONSTRUCT VOLUME. For this reason when you try to solve the porject you get the error message. Can you try to solve the both problems geometry and physics and try to solve the project. Best regards.
  5. Hi again, attached to this email an example of Flux/Similink coupling. Best regards. Flux2D_project.zip
  6. Hi, If you use Altair softwares, you need to create a connector from Flux and use this connector. To create the connector: open Flux project >> Solve >> you have all the possiblities to create the connector. Best regards.
  7. Hi, With the macro when we compute the inductance we use the frozen permeablity to take into account of the materials saturation for one operating point. Also we feed one phase and we comput the inductance in this phase and the mutuel inductance. Best regards.
  8. Hi, Unfortunately we no longer provide the examples of co simualtion between Flux and Simulink. Attacheda link shows differents steps that you need to follow to create the co simulation : file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/2019/flux/Flux/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?Co-simulationFlux-SimulinkExemple.html Sorry for this inconvenience. Best regards.
  9. Hi, Can you give us more precision about other software? Do you want to speak about Altair software’s? If it is the case, there is in Flux supervisor example, examples shows the co-simulation between Flux and other Altair software’s (Activate, Simlab, HyperStudy…etc). Best regards.
  10. Hi, In Flux when you use a voltage source you need a lot of period to reach the steady state regime. Unlike, in the case of the current source, you need one or two period to reach the steady state regime. Then, in your case you need to increase the number of perdio that you use in your solving scenarion and be sur that when you draw your current you are in the steady state regime. Best regards.
  11. If I understand you want to take into account, the load and see the starting of the motor? If it is the case, you can use “coupled load). Best regards.
  12. Hi, You are right when I solve the project I get the error message : " Conductive region : SIGMA must be <> 0Impossible to continue to solve problemIncoherence of physical properties". To fully understand the problem, I proceed as follows: I delete all the isotropic resistivity of the materials I solve the project >> the solving is ok I add the resistivity of the first material: ALLOY_409 I solve again the project >> the solving work well I do the same thing for the materials: GENERISCHER_MAGNET and VACODYM_677_AP The solving work well You will find attached the Flux project ready to solve. I will check in more details, why with initial project we get the error message. Best regards. Modell_Auto_Mesh_solved_M3_Res.FLU.zip
  13. Hi, Can you try with imposed speed. in the mechancial set rotor use imposed speed and put the value of your speed. Best regards.
  14. Hi, Can you send us the Flux project (zip format) and the fts file that you use. Best regards.
  15. Hi, Unfortunately we don’t have any idea how to do it in Flux. If you find a solution, we are interested. Best regards.
  16. Hi, To find the value of the data that you need to use, you can use the following formulas : For example for the inertia : J=(1/2)*M*r² where M is the masse and r is the rayon. For the friction : F=(torqur/Speed). For the velocity and speed a t=0 you keep the initial value zero. Best regards.
  17. Hi, To compute the flux linkage in your case you need to create a sensor type predefined and you select magnetic flux on face or face regions. So for the rotor you select face region rotor and for the air gape you select face region air gap. To create the sensor : Parameter/quantity >> Sensor >> right click, select new Best regards.
  18. Hi, Here the answer to your questons : Question N°1 : To export the data in CSV formt you can use the same python command as in the script or you can get the commande by exporting a curve in SCV formt from Flux 2D. If you want to do this for all the datan you can create a loop which allows you browse all the curves. The second choice is export the curve in CSV format one by one using the command generated before. Question N°2 : You will find attached the macro. Hope this will help. Best regards. CreatePark_dq_From_abc.PFM.zip
  19. Hi, To build your device in Flux you need to represent both model in the same Flux project. You need also to use one infinite box for both projects and one type of movement (for example rotation or translation not both). The last thing is they must have the same iron lenght. Best regards.
  20. Hi, Can you give us more details about what you want to do with user function. Best regards.
  21. Hi, My be the problme of convergence is due to the solving method selected. To change the method follow the steps : Solving >> solving process options >> edit Select non linear system solver Select method for computing the relaxation facto for Newton Raphson >> select optimal method If the problme persist, can you send us your Flux project (format zip) at : Flux_Support_Apac@altair.com Best regards.
  22. Hi, Question N°1 about max torque : When you draw the curve of the torque (function of time for example). Right clikc on the curve, select edit. you will get the mean, min,max…. values of the toruqe Question N2 about iron lass using Preisach model : You need to follow the steps : Create sensor befor solving. The type of sensor : integral (on face or volume , it depend on your Flux project) Select type of support (face of faces region for example). You select the face on whisch you use the Preisach model For the spatial formula, select : dpower/dv When you draw you curve after solving, you need to start form step 3 Best regards.
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