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  1. Greetings all, I am doing Vehicle Frontal Crash simulation. I have below mentioned queries while using some default cards, material and properties in radioss. HEXA SPOT WELD- P43_CONNECT-M59_CONNECT (Default) HEXA ADHESIVE- P43_CONNECT-M59_CONNECT (Default) Since i dont have exact material information for SPOT and Adhesive is it advisable using this default values and curves. If i try using MAT1 instead of M59 there is part, mat incompatible error popping out since those wont obey the material law. Please advise with better solution.
  2. Hi Pranav Hari, Thanks for your reply, Since customer requirement is to create HEXA with contact for spot and adhesive. using the same is there anyother solution available.
  3. Hi Guys, Im doing frontal collision using radioss, spot weld and adhesives were provided using connectors. Since there were interferences between spot weld and adhesives as shown in the figure. Both spot and adhesives will be there in model, is it advisable to continue with this. Since my major interferences and penetrations is between spot and adhesives. Can you provide me a better solution. Also while providing type7 contact, Case1 In my model both shell and solid part persists i have directly selected those parts in Master Entity and Case2 In my model , i have created skin for all solid parts with a thickness of 0.01mm and updated those in Master entity along with shell parts in this which one is advisable, how to establish contact for those solid components.
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