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  1. Thanks for the files. I tried on the 2017 version and works fine as expected Regards
  2. Thanks I started to make the exercise. Maybe you could help me. At the end of the free-size optimization, when I import the results of my analysis my plies are named in different way: 1102,1201,1202....5401...5418 instead of 110100,11200 ecc with the results that I have 216 plies instead of 25 of the tutorials. Any suggestion? Regards
  3. Hi Where I can find the files for the tutorials: "Composite Optimization with Optistruct 11.0 on the example of a Formula Student Monocoque" and "Composite Optimization with Optistruct of a Snowboard" Regards
  4. bmech


    Thanks, I did the same thing. It's really dangerous thing, this means that if you want use SDAMPING only for a specific range, you can't use param,G for the others. Or if you have different loadcase you have to define SDAMPING for each loadcase
  5. bmech


    the analysis is a modal frequency response. SDAMPING is applied for a certain range of frequencies. So in this range is considered only SDAMPING or is added/considered the parameter G? Regards
  6. bmech


    Hi If is apPlied SDAMPING (no CRIT) as law with a value of 0.08 in a certain range only and param, G 0.08...what happens? in the defined range of frequency is considerend only SDAMPING or G. Regards
  7. bmech


    If I want define a more complex surf (without use zfs)? For example a cycler with a piston (so the volume of fluid is the volume of the cylinder minus the volume of the piston)? Thank
  8. bmech


    done, perfect, and the freq goes down. Thanks
  9. bmech


    Thanks, I'll check it
  10. bmech


    Any model available? Thanks
  11. bmech


    Is there any tutorials or reference exercise in order to learn MFLUID in optistruct for modal analysis? Regards
  12. Are available tutorials in order to generate a flexible body model for example of an assembly using component mode synthesiswith frequency content?
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