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  1. Hi.... I have switched from Hypermesh 12.0 to 14.0 but having a problem in exporting the property name in Nastran (Long Format) and opening in ANSA. The names are retained in the standard format but they becomes default when I export the model in the Long Format of Nastran in HM 14.0 and open in ANSA software. I have never faced such problem in 12.0. Kindly suggest the solution. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys.... Is there any method or thumb rule to calculate the calculation time of a direct frf solution. I have a small system with 64GB RAM but large number of nodes to calculate, can anyone suggest any thumb rule over number of nodes to calculate, number of frequencies to output and system specifications. Also, is there any thumb rule that the performance of an frf is maximum with 4 cores?? I read it somewhere.... Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Tin, I`ve understood the concept!!
  4. Thanks a lot for the info!! I`ve started working on it but I want to know the command for either of these 1. How to get the assembly ID of a component. 2. How can I get the list of component ID's in an Assembly. Please share. Thanks and Regards Harmeek
  5. Hi Experts, I want to automate the assembly creation, I can go in 2 ways. 1. Create an assembly hierarchy in excel file and use the script to implement in my hm file. 2. Create a script to create the assembly hierarchy in hm itself using the user input (selecting the sub-assemblies and components together to form an assembly). Which option would be easier and feasible. I am just a beginner in TCL. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hi.... I am trying to get the property ID using the same commands but cannot. The entityinfo command is not working for ID and the getsolverid is returning both ID and domain. I tried getentityvalue too but not working. How can I get only the property ID in a loop. Please suggest. Thanks in advance!!
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