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  1. Hi I just want to pick some special elems first. Then I use tlc for the commands. If I use *createmark in tcl first, it is not easy to pick these elems.
  2. Thank you tinh I could not find "by solver id" I think I should use *renumber first. I have one question: As as I know, in HM we have to select a command in tool panel first then select the elements. For example, Tool --> delete then select elements. Can we can select elements in HM before ?
  3. Hi I have a model with 48000 elements. I renumbered some specials elements starting from 49000. In Hyper Mesh when I checked the number it was ok But when I used my code to create a set of elements attached to element no 49000 set setname select set elempick 49000 *createmark elems 1 $elempick *appendmark elems 1 "by attached" *entitysetcreate "$setname" elems 1 Hyper Mesh said the element was not selected. Could you please explain me the problem? Thanks
  4. Hi. Then I think we should run the model without failure mode first to dectect the moment when the failure is expected!
  5. Thank you. Should I have to declare the direction of gravity and the value of g by the GRAV load?
  6. Hi, I am trying to add mass to a sphere rigid body by adding GRAV load. Because I used shell elements to represent this rigid sphere so the volume is not true. Could you please tell me how to specify mass for this rigid body? Tks
  7. Hello I am using Puck failure mode for solids elements but I don't know how to choose Tmax - Dynamic time relaxation. I found in the help that Normal value of Tmax is 10 times higher than the actual times step should be set in the card directly But the time step is not constant in Radioss. Could you please help me show me how to do? Thanks
  8. Hi @Hyperman Do you know how to get the number of master node when using "calculate node"? Tks
  9. Hi @Raphael_Mtl I have the same problem as yours. I created a rigid body and them imposed a certain velocity but nothing moves. Did you solve your problems?
  10. Hi Once we use MAT 12, do we have to include any failure mode in the Properties part?
  11. Hi Skill I think if they have the same energy errors, which one gives you less elements is better than the other one.
  12. Hi. I used this menu but I can not create an ellipse in 2D. Could you please show me? Tks
  13. Hi Ivan Thank you for your answer. I used the script to show the orientation of solid element. But I am still not sure whether the red axis is r axis ?
  14. Hello I am modelling one yarn with solid elements (pls see the picture). The material is orthotropic M12 and Prop 6. I don't know how to how to assign the 1 direction (longitudinal direction of the yarn) for the solid elements in this case. Could you please show me how to do? Thanks
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