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  1. Hi I modified my script and it works. foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y set i [expr 1 + $i] set B($i,0) $y } Thanks
  2. Hi tinh I did like your advice but nothing happen. For convenience I attached the csv file. My idea is 45 (the number in the second row) will be displayed Listcontact.csv
  3. Hi I have an other csv file with only one column. I used this script to read the csv file ------------ set dir [file dir [info script]] cd $dir set fpt [open "$dir/Listcontact.csv"] set buffer [read -nonewline $fpt] close $fpt foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y } puts $y{2} ----------------- I used "puts $y{2} to show the second value in the list but It does not works. Could you please show me how to do. Thank you
  4. Hi Premanand Suryavanshi Thank you very much. That is what I am asking. It works!
  5. Hello I have one element assigned in an component for example component 1. Now I want to change this element to an other component for example component 2. Could you please tell me how to do? Thank you!
  6. HI. I used this sample and it work set dir [tk_chooseDirectory \ -initialdir ~ -title "Choose a directory"] cd $dir set fpt [open "$dir/Listnodes.csv"] set buffer [read -nonewline $fpt] close $fpt set NodeList {} foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] CE_L CE_Coords CE_Comps *createnode 0 {*}$CE_L $CE_Coords lappend NodeList [hm_latestentityid nodes] } I put both tcl and csv file in the same foldoer Could you please tell me how to make this folder to be default directory so I dont have to select this folder each time.
  7. Hello. Could you please tell me how to determine STFAC for this contact after starting with 0.8?
  8. Hi I think you should use ISOLID = 17 and Ismstr =2 for the Properties!
  9. Hi. In Radioss 14 it is easily to find Theory manual in HW Help but in HW 17 Help I can not find it. Could you please show me how?
  10. Thank you. I tried this code but the elems could not be selected so I could not get the result. Could you please verify? Thanks
  11. I have the same question
  12. Thank you very much. By the way, do you know how to export this result to excel or text file?
  13. pohan


    Thank you. It work. Could you please tell me how did you determine the ΔTmin
  14. Hi I Hypermesh, I use Tool/Mass calc to calculate the area of some components but I could not find the command for TCL. Could you please explain me? Thanks
  15. pohan


    Hi I sent you my files Thank you