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  1. Hi In my opinion, we can use contact 19 for self contact
  2. pohan

    Material law69

    Hello I am using MAT69 for my model. But I dont understand well about fct_IDblk Function which scales the bulk coefficient as a function of the relative volume. In my opinion this function allow to scale up the Bulk modulus as a function of relative volume so I created one curve with X is the relative volume and Y is the scale factor but nothing changed. Could you please explain me about this function! Thank you
  3. pohan

    Non-linear material model

    @IvanThank you very much. In my model I have an equivalent material with the stress and strain as the picture, this curve seems like hyper elastic material. I used Mat LAW69 and it works .I am still wondering about this kind of material because the strain is not so large (only 15% maximum)
  4. pohan

    Non-linear material model

    Hi. I tried to use Mat LAW36, as I know, I created a stress and strain curve and put it in fct_ID_E but It said YOUNG�S MODULUS SCALE FUNCTION SHOULD DECREASE WITH PLASTIC STRAIN ERROR ID : 975 ** ERROR IN MATERIAL FUNCTION DEFINITION How can I deal with this problem?
  5. Hello I have the stress - strain values at discrete data points from uni- tensile test. Could you please tell me 1. Which Material for this situation? 2.How too include that in Hypermesh while defining material properties ? Thank you! 
  6. pohan


    Hi @Ivan My problems is when I set Igap = 1 2 or 3 I got initial penetration so I set it to 0
  7. pohan


    Hi @Ivan Thank you very much I solved my problems. But I found that Iform = 2 is recommended for Implicit and low speed Impact Explicit Analysis So I think for contact type 7 we should set Iform = 1
  8. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    Hi I use HM 2017.2 and Abaqus 6.13-4 I have a model with 2 components in HM. I used HM/ABAQUS standard 2D. I exported my model as *.inp file but when I imported it in ABAQUS it combined 2 components into 1 part instead of 2 parts
  9. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    Hi I try to export a model with 2 different components with mesh, but when I import it in Abaqus they are all in one part. How can I import them as 2 different parts
  10. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    @evgenabaqus I have the same question! Did you get the answer?
  11. pohan


    Hi @Ivan Thank you very much. I tried to do as you recommended but I still have the same problems In fact my contact is self contact!
  12. pohan


    Hi I use these parameters and the computation time increase at least 10 times. Before I only use INACTI=6 Gap_min=0.1 Fric = 0.1 Iform=2 Could you please explain me the reason? Thank
  13. Hi I modified my script and it works. foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y set i [expr 1 + $i] set B($i,0) $y } Thanks
  14. Hi tinh I did like your advice but nothing happen. For convenience I attached the csv file. My idea is 45 (the number in the second row) will be displayed Listcontact.csv
  15. Hi I have an other csv file with only one column. I used this script to read the csv file ------------ set dir [file dir [info script]] cd $dir set fpt [open "$dir/Listcontact.csv"] set buffer [read -nonewline $fpt] close $fpt foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y } puts $y{2} ----------------- I used "puts $y{2} to show the second value in the list but It does not works. Could you please show me how to do. Thank you