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  1. pohan

    Material law69

    Hello I am using MAT69 for my model. But I dont understand well about fct_IDblk Function which scales the bulk coefficient as a function of the relative volume. In my opinion this function allow to scale up the Bulk modulus as a function of relative volume so I created one curve with X is the relative volume and Y is the scale factor but nothing changed. Could you please explain me about this function! Thank you
  2. pohan

    Non-linear material model

    @IvanThank you very much. In my model I have an equivalent material with the stress and strain as the picture, this curve seems like hyper elastic material. I used Mat LAW69 and it works .I am still wondering about this kind of material because the strain is not so large (only 15% maximum)
  3. pohan

    Non-linear material model

    Hi. I tried to use Mat LAW36, as I know, I created a stress and strain curve and put it in fct_ID_E but It said YOUNG�S MODULUS SCALE FUNCTION SHOULD DECREASE WITH PLASTIC STRAIN ERROR ID : 975 ** ERROR IN MATERIAL FUNCTION DEFINITION How can I deal with this problem?
  4. Hello I have the stress - strain values at discrete data points from uni- tensile test. Could you please tell me 1. Which Material for this situation? 2.How too include that in Hypermesh while defining material properties ? Thank you! 
  5. pohan


    Hi @Ivan My problems is when I set Igap = 1 2 or 3 I got initial penetration so I set it to 0
  6. pohan


    Hi @Ivan Thank you very much I solved my problems. But I found that Iform = 2 is recommended for Implicit and low speed Impact Explicit Analysis So I think for contact type 7 we should set Iform = 1
  7. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    Hi I use HM 2017.2 and Abaqus 6.13-4 I have a model with 2 components in HM. I used HM/ABAQUS standard 2D. I exported my model as *.inp file but when I imported it in ABAQUS it combined 2 components into 1 part instead of 2 parts
  8. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    Hi I try to export a model with 2 different components with mesh, but when I import it in Abaqus they are all in one part. How can I import them as 2 different parts
  9. pohan

    HM to abaqus

    @evgenabaqus I have the same question! Did you get the answer?
  10. pohan


    Hi @Ivan Thank you very much. I tried to do as you recommended but I still have the same problems In fact my contact is self contact!
  11. pohan


    Hi I use these parameters and the computation time increase at least 10 times. Before I only use INACTI=6 Gap_min=0.1 Fric = 0.1 Iform=2 Could you please explain me the reason? Thank
  12. Hi I modified my script and it works. foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y set i [expr 1 + $i] set B($i,0) $y } Thanks
  13. Hi tinh I did like your advice but nothing happen. For convenience I attached the csv file. My idea is 45 (the number in the second row) will be displayed Listcontact.csv
  14. Hi I have an other csv file with only one column. I used this script to read the csv file ------------ set dir [file dir [info script]] cd $dir set fpt [open "$dir/Listcontact.csv"] set buffer [read -nonewline $fpt] close $fpt foreach Line [split $buffer \n] { lassign [split $Line ,] y } puts $y{2} ----------------- I used "puts $y{2} to show the second value in the list but It does not works. Could you please show me how to do. Thank you
  15. Hi Premanand Suryavanshi Thank you very much. That is what I am asking. It works!