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  1. Dear users, I am working on the modelling of a material having the shape of a "wire" (circular cross-section along axes x and y and longitudinal dimension along axis z). the "transversal" permeability of the wire (i.e., the permeability µt linking the circular magnetic field, created, for example, by a current running through the wire) is linked to the magnetic field along the z axis. Is it possible to enter such a relation (between µt and Hz) in Flux ? Thank you very much for your consideration. Best regards. chickichik PS: I just had an additionnal question just now: is it possible to simulate this material with the above mentionned conditions, without a 3D simulation (is it possible to link the transversal permability µt to a field Hz even if there is no "z" axis as I am in 2D). Thnak you for your help. Best regards. chickichik
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