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  1. Thank you! Kind Regards, Paweł
  2. Hi All, Is it possible to duplicate and translate a surface with existing mesh at one time (both surfs & mesh)? I would like to create a multiple copies of a surface with mesh prepared first at the pattern component. How to achieve this in a fast way? Thanks.
  3. Hi George, Thank you for your effort. Paweł
  4. I have tried the HW 12 and 2017. I believe that the analysis is complete, because it produce Exit number 3004, this is a successful completion to a Marc simulation. Attached are marc files. Thank you for your interest. Kind Regards, Paweł marc_v7.dat marc_v7.log marc_v7.out marc_v7.sts marc_v7.t16
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a very strange issue. I use HV for postprocessing results, and I use the MSC Marc 2014 for solving the model. Reading results from MSC Marc (t16 file) in the HV usually goes smooth (sometimes not all elements are visible ). Today I have prepared a co-simulation between Adams (Multibody model) and Marc (flexible nonlinear part). As a result from that simulation I get one results file for MSC Adams model, and one for MSC Marc model (*.t16). Using Marc Mentat I am able to post-process that t16 file, but while I am trying to import it to the HV, I get a message: "Failed to attach results" and I can only see the model, but without results. This occur only with t16 results file from co-simulation. Do you have any idea about this issue? Kind Regards, Paweł AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland
  6. Thank you very much. The other solution I have found, is to create a circle with appropriate diameter and to project internal nodes on this line. Anyway I have achieved my goal, thanks again!
  7. Hello Everyone, I have an issue with moving/tranlsting nodes that are placed on the circular shape. E.g.: How can I move nodes of internal surface of a tube to change it's wall thickness? Could you please give me any advice? Thanks!
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